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The owner of Tron Justin Sun and the Tron establishment has been sued by previous employees for working environment hostility.

The claim which was recorded by a year ago in a 70 page archive in the territory of California by Richard Hall and Lukasz Juraszek uncovered they have been casualties of forceful and antagonistic workplace.

The ex-workers are suing for $15 million in harms and government activities against cases of work infringement on the grounds of improper end, separation, passionate trouble and unfriendly workplace.

In the claim, the offended party communicated undue strain to convey by optimizing the BitTorrent Software discharges.

Lukasz Juraszek additionally guaranteed CEO of Tron, Justin Sun truly ambushed the Head of building in any case, there was conciliatory sentiment given for the attack.

Same Head of Engineering was additionally observed by Lukasz Juraszek to have likewise hit a director whom the previous is known to consistently dispatch assaults at.

The 70-page document also showed some ethical issues with the management of the organization, specifically on the issue of copyright infringement.

Based on the report of the Court document, Richard Hall said he flagged some risk of third parties hosting copyright-infringement and child pornographic contents but CEO of Tron, gave little to no ears about the issue.

Lukasz Juraszek also claimed the manager physically assaulted by the Head of engineering, Cong Li told him that Cong Li appears to “hold him to impossibly high engineering standards”.

Not long after, he was kicked out of the company for reporting observation to human resources. According to the lawsuit, Lukasz Juraszek said after he was kicked out, an unknown user accessed his work computer from another location and his emails disappeared.

Richard Hall on the other hand, claimed Cong Li threatened him to deter him from recording their conversation, according to the lawsuit, the following words were used “if you go tighter with me, I will go tighter with you”, he also said “things will end badly for you”, “I cannot protect you” according to the lawsuit.

The plaintiffs also claimed Chinese nationals came from Mainland to replace both of them and other local nationals.

And these Chinese workers also behaved less responsible towards local laws and this gave Justin Sun upper hand in enforcing unfavourable work timetable.

Justin Sun has been involved in several controversy over the life of his company starting from the plagiarism of the Tron Blockchain white paper and codes, to his involvement in pump and dump schemes as well as the postponement of his lunch with Warren Buffet.

The former employees are suing for $15 million.

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