Toks Olaoluwa, overseeing accomplice of Globenova Corporation, Canada, says the Blockchain innovation can help tackle all the difficulties of misbehaviors that accompany enrollment, gathering of votes in the Nigerian races.

Olaoluwa said this while talking at the ongoing Blockchain Technology Summit held in Victoria Island, Lagos, and as announced by TheCable.

He said Blockchain is a breakthrough technology that enables trusted digital registration and “exchange of just about anything”.

Expert hails Blockchain as solution to Electoral Malpractices in Nigeria 2

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“We need education awareness to correct the notion that Blockchain is cryptocurrency. Blockchain is not cryptocurrency. One of the first case study of the use of blockchain technology in Africa is the​ Nigeria Customs Service, they were the first to deploy the use Blockchain technology in Nigeria,” Olaoluwa said.

“Other uses of Blockchain Technology is in Land registration, it can be used to correct the challenges with voting and can be used for voting, settlement of bills, maintenance of data, effectiveness of payment, authenticating of degrees.

“It can also help government to make document verification within a short period.

“Blockchain will create more opportunities in the re-arrangement of work but humans will still have to work. The opportunity is that the type of work will change.

“Universities will have to start training people on how to work with Artificial intelligent packages and how to use the platform.”

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