The Enugu Cryptocurrency and Forex Conference 2020 happened live at University of Nigeria Enugu Chapter, Faculty of Business Administration.

This occasion was facilitated by IamChijamz, Brand Ambassador for Enecuum Cryptocurrency Project, and it was an illuminating time with a few visitor, Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts and Students of the University.

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In attendance were a large number of students including visitors from surrounding states such as Anambra, Imo and Abia states.

Highlights from the Events included:

  • Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency by IamChijamz
  • Boundless Pay Presentation by Joshua Igboegwu (Bitfxt Representative)
  • Data Privacy and Wibsons Decentralised Data Marketplace Presentation by Victoria Ukpaka
  • Near Protocol Ecosystem Presentation by IamChijamz
  • Boxen Trade Academy Introduction and Forex Trading Fundamentals by Kalu Odim Alex
  • Enecuum Mobile Mining Platform Elaboration by Iam Chijamz.

The event was heralded with a lot of games, Networking sessions, questions and answer segments, and prices were shared among all the Participants.

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