Erik Finman, a 20-year-old secondary school drop out and bitcoin tycoon sent digital currency down from space to a school in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana on November 4, 2019.

A “crypto space drop” Is a procedure through which digital currency can be sent by means of a group of stars of satellites to a radio wire on Earth. For this specific drop, a satellite with a digital currency wallet called Project Da Vinci, a piece of NASA’s Educational Launch of Nanosatellites (ELaNa) was utilized.

Eric referenced that the primary point of this movement was to show how even the most remote spots with poor foundation, cash framework, money related foundation can profit by digital forms of money.

Kwame Asante got the crypto space drop in the interest of the St. Mary’s school in Korle Gonno, Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Asante built an antenna to revive the cryptocurrency (metal [MTL]) from space. He then converted the cryptocurrency to cash and presented it to the headmistress.


St. Mary’s school used the funds to construct tables and benches for schools. This marks the first crypto space drop to Africa, showcasing the reach of the project that was launched in December 2018.


Project Da Vinci was launched by teenagers led by Finman. The satellite containing a cryptocurrency wallet was launched as part of the ELaNa program. A program by NASA that allows STEM students to launch small satellites with unique use cases.

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