Digital currencies have joined us for longer than we accept, truth be told, 11 years have passed at this point since Bitcoin was made. During this time, the incredible test of those of us who are energetic this world has consistently been the equivalent: appropriation. Also, the way of selection is more slow than a large number of us wish. One thing is clear: the reception will originate from the hand of two incredible segments: gamming and online business. All the specialists concur about this point which evacuates any uncertainty on this inquiry. Indeed, today we present to you the breaking news about online business with Shopereum.

What is Shopereum?

Shopereum is an organization that offers a wide scope of potential arrangements identified with the internet business and cryptographic money system. Its dedication depends on an unmistakable point: quickening the reception of cryptographic forms of money to enable dealers and purchasers all through the world. Everything running with its own token (xShop) that takes a shot at the Ethereumblockchain.

This arrangement is generally upheld by significant entrances of blockchain venture examination, as prove by its 4.2/5 proportion in ICObench. One of the extraordinary references in the division.

A basic attribute of Shopereum

In spite of the fact that it offers a wide range of highlights, we could state that the Shopereum engineer group is focused on being a coordinating Marketplace of a wide range of specialists identified with online business. Thus, the purchaser would now be able to access to different markets, paying little heed to his product and with straightforwardness. Then again, the merchant can likewise build up their business sectors without searching for it in a huge number of stages.

As a basic starting point, Shopereum offers us to buy using the main cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, etc.), the native xShop token (which offers 5% discount on your purchases) or fiat money. In consequence, Shopereum accelerates adoption and empower the client and seller, thanks to the transparency of the intermediary.

Joining the pieces

In recent years, the biggest problem in the e-commerce for cryptocurrencies has always been the same: adoption and online stores are not linked, in other words, where we have online stores developed to accept cryptocurrencies, we have few users and small marketing budgets; and where we have a wide user base (Amazon, AliExpress, etc.) we have no option of payment with cryptocurrencies. So far, all the approaches in this regard are based on wallets and extensions or plugins for browsers that allowed you to pay with cryptocurrencies in some of these popular websites. Nevertheless, they are just stopgap measure, not an ultimate solution.

The aim of Shopereum is to go one step further and make all that integration into a single Marketplace within the platform itself.

The business model

Therefore, Shopereum can be defined as the market in capital, integrator of markets or second level Marketplace.

Under the umbrella of Shopereum, the owners of small online stores can easily integrate, thus allowing access to a much larger base of potential customers. In addition, apart from solving some technical problems thanks to receiving Shopereum technology, they can also set their payment platform to receive payments in any currency type. It is all the more advantageous as it converts all cryptocurrencies to fiat at the same time the purchase is made, applying the exchange rate in effect at that time.

Buyers have the advantage of having many markets grouped under the same portal and with the possibility of obtaining additional discounts (payment with xShop token) and using their cryptocurrencies to buy. Although we do not forget that fiat money will also be accepted, considering the strategy of trying to reach the whole world.

In addition, Shopereum tells us that this drop-shipping strategy – which in itself would be a breakthrough on current cryptocurrency e-commerce options – will be complemented and improved with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool which will optimize searches to help us find the best products at the best prices within any of the integrated markets.

xShop token starts trading

Technologically, Shopereum has developed its platform on the Ethereum blockchain. The operating token of the platform is the xShop token and will allow us to obtain discounts. These are its basic features:

  • Name: Shopereum token v1.0
  • Symbol: xShop
  • Technology: ERC-20 token
  • Total amount: 600,000,000
  • Free-float in circulation: 180,000,000

The developers estimate that the platform is running in August 2020, nevertheless, the token starts trading on January 25!

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