Driving South African blockchain organization Terrabit has reported the dispatch of web staking for its advanced money (CREDIT) to empower anybody with a web association with win staking rewards.


Terrabit is a South African cryptographic money trade that offers fiat-to-crypto benefits in five African nations. The exchanging stage includes every significant coin and pays 100% of expenses to clients through referral. At Terrabit’s center, it offers clients a decentralized computerized installment arrangement and a cross breed PoW/PoS blockchain, CREDIT.

Terrabit gives CREDIT holders a scope of trade choices, zero exchange charges, and quick installments. Also, the organization gives a staking stage and wallet, MiniPOS, which offers the most direct and remunerating CREDIT “mining” arrangement accessible on any computerized gadget.

Now, CREDIT holders can also stake their tokens online to earn up to 100% staking reward per annum via Terrabit simple-and-easy-to-use web staking platform. This enables anyone with an internet connection to earn staking rewards when holding CREDIT.

CREDIT web staking features include:

  • Web-based CREDIT staking up to 100% per year
  • Profit is paid hourly
  • No lock-in period
  • 5 level referral
  • Easy-to-use

Daniele Marco Ronchese, founder of TerraBit and creator of CREDIT, said: “We are delighted to introduce web staking as a service to CREDIT holders as a new and convenient way to earn staking rewards.”

“Cryptocurrency staking has traditionally involved a complicated technical setup that has acted as a barrier to entry for the average investor. With our new web staking offering, we can empower all digital currency investors – big and small – to start earning staking rewards simply by holding their tokens on our secure online platform.”

To learn more about Terrabit, CREDIT and web staking, visit www.terra-bit.io.

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