Dash​, the top digital currency for payments and neighborhood reception through ​Dash Nigeria​, today declared the dispatch of a ‘Computerized Cash Awareness Drive’ comprehensive of appropriating more than 10,000 duplicates of ‘Advanced is the Cash’ book across Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Haiti in English and French dialects.

1,000 duplicates will be given to the ​Campus BCAT​, an undertaking of ​CryptoTVplus​, to be dispersed across 30 college libraries, BCAT clubs, and tertiary establishments in Nigeria.

Nathaniel Luz, Lead of Dash Nigeria, says this is in an offered to advance the information and comprehension of Digital Cash, in the barest non-specialized terms conceivable to the mass of individuals. He said this is the third period of the battle with the past two (2) delivering ​Digital Cash academy​ in content and ​Pidgin English videos​.

Advanced is the CashThe ​book​ tells the historical backdrop of cash, the worldwide monetary framework and its failings, fintech applications, blockchain, and the requirement for computerized money. It shows Digital Cash in a straightforward manner while depicting the favorable circumstances over the legacy of financial framework.

According to Tosin Miracy, Director of the Digital Cash Awareness Drive, the campaign is positioned to give proper awareness and education of digital currencies to the public and correct some false notions that have earlier prevailed.

“We’ll focus on regulators, financial institutions, student clubs, tertiary institutions and libraries that are accessible to the public. It’s our belief that by donating 10,000 copies worth $100,000 across 4 countries and 2 languages, we’ll increase the reception of individuals and organisations towards digital currencies”.

Miracy also stated that translation of the book into French is ongoing with plans to translate the book into Spanish other languages in order to reach more nations of the world.

Applications for free copies of ‘Digital is the Cash’ book can be made ​here​.

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