What issue existed?

For Billcrypt there is a major issue of disengagement between a few areas that ought to be cooperating in the blockchain part. Halfway on the grounds that we have organizations that have recognized a requirement for blockchain-based administrations, or essentially sooner or later need to actualize a trust-based arrangement. Also, mostly in light of the fact that we have the blockchain specialist organizations, which as the division develops are bigger and have a more prominent ability to give various recommendations. Significantly more, on the off chance that we acquaint financial specialists with this condition, we understand that they burn through a great deal of time and cash in exploring all conceivable speculation choices because of the present circumstance.

Billcrypt’s incentive

It is principally a stage. A total environment that tries to bring together the three associated with the past area.

Billcrypto is a stage that interconnects distinctive blockchains making them interoperative with one another. This interconnection works with certain regular attributes.

Organizations and new companies will have essential bundles which let them make operational blockchains to deal with themselves. Starting here, they can build up their own items or contract a group of specialists with the particular attributes they need.

Speculators, thus, will have the option to approach the financing of these activities with specific criteria of straightforwardness and access to data so as to settle on their choices.

Furthermore, this is the place, from our perspective, is the genuine advancement of this undertaking. The interconnection of the considerable number of specialists included is done through 2 new ideas for the most part: BR (blockchain delegate), ViP (Virtual Image Part).

BR: Blockchain Representative

Delegates are the key figure right now. Truth be told, delegates approach venture data and can set up their reports or have certain decisions about the activities.

His responsibility is to get ready reports and prompt the two organizations that have blockchain improvements. Also, most importantly, in regards to potential financial specialists. These financial specialists will exhort on potential speculations, and they will do well on the grounds that the conceivable compensation relies upon it. So they need to do it well since they are putting their notoriety in question. What’s more, that is the key, the notoriety.

Celebrity: Virtual Image Part

This is the place the notoriety key originates from. Every one of the BRs will be encoded with a token. We would state that your notoriety is measured and that way you can increment or abatement in esteem as indicated by your triumphs and as solid as they may be.

Right now, can go to them while picking accurately the task wherein they contribute. They can look at the estimation of the VIP of the different BRs, and contract the one they consider suitable, and afterward assess their capacity to keep displaying the ViP of that specific BR.

Every BR has an incredible inspiration to work admirably and be esteemed and furthermore have the option to charge more for their work, obviously.

Along these lines, we have just fabricated the fundamental component that will make the framework works; no one successes by not satisfying their commitments.

Their Token and the ICO

The Billcrypt system interconnects blockchains based on Solidity, the programming language of the Ethereum network smart contracts. The BILC native token with the following characteristics will be used for this operation:

  • Name: Billcrypt
  • Symbol: BILC
  • Technology: ERC-20 token
  • Total amount: 152,000,000
  • Partition: up to 8 decimals.

We have two ways to acquire BILC tokens.

They can be acquired during the ITO phase of the project, in which you can send ETH to the platform’s smart contract, and immediately receive the tokens at the address from which the payment was made.

On the other hand, tokens can be obtained by collaborating with the project and with the popular “bounty”. For which we will have to register on the page and access the jobs and tasks they have available.

source: bitcoinhub

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