BUIDL AFRICA praises the improvements, accomplishments and endeavors of Africans as they work, adding to making arrangements that makes life simpler and better.

In regarding the extraordinary works of Africans, BUIDL AFRICA is glad to display for the period of February, some remarkable Africans doing incredible things in the mainland.

1. Personality of the Month

Mamadou Kwidjim Toure

Mamadou is one of the most persuasive individuals in Africa. He is the author of the Africa 2.0 Foundation which was the pioneer in structuring, affecting and driving a dream for Africa through Advocacy and cement adaptable Impact Initiatives.

After a profession at the World Bank Group Mamadou left his job as a Managing Director for GE Africa venture arm to begin the Ubuntu Tribe (previously Ubuntu Coin), a stage facilitating a biological system permitting its locale to possess and execute computerized resources sponsored by moral gold.

The organization has planned a common economy model advancing individuals, benefit planet and where all individuals from the network are qualified for shares in the organization. Ubuntu Tribe has marked an organization with 30 nations to be favored advanced cash and assist set with increasing a Panafrican Digital Asset Framework.

Roselyne Wanjiru

Roselyne is a financial specialist, youth guide and blockchain technique expert. She is the Chief Marketing Officer at Kesholabs Blockchain Center, a Startup Studio in Kenya, Africa.

She is a keynote speaker and thought pioneer in Africa’s sprouting blockchain biological system, having spoken in worldwide gatherings and media stages on the requirement for development in and appropriation of rising innovations for financial effectiveness and production of new open doors for youth in Africa as supporters, not only purchasers in the worldwide computerized economy.

She is enthusiastic about driving activities towards acknowledging and receiving Blockchain innovation.

2. Community Manager of Month 

Stephen Sunday  from Aeternity.

Stephen Sunday, A blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiast with so much passion for grassroot adoption of the technology. He is the CEO of KusuConsult a blockchain consulting firm and also, he together with his team pioneered the development of a blockchain DApp (Univote) which was used in University of Jos to conduct the first public election on blockchain in Africa. 

He has been working with a couple of Blockchain companies to help push grassroot adoption in Nigeria and Africa at Large. He is currently Aeternity’s lead Ambassador for Nigeria

3. Blockchain Article of the Month –   


AuthorEric Ohene-Agyekum Annan, Cofounder/CEO at KuBitX Limited

Entrepreneur/Blockchain Advocate  Cofounder KuBitX-Pan African Blockchain Solutions Company. Founded Digitalkudi.com cryptocurrency trading platform in Nigeria and Ghana.  

Former Lead Technical Account Manager at Huawei Technologies. Strongest values are that money is a byproduct of satisfaction obtained as a result of giving meaningful service to people. 

The desire to create such entities in collaboration with a team of selfless individuals, is to enable Africans especially, have a stake in this ever growing new economy of financial independence, freedom and economic liberation.

4. Blog of the Month –  BitcoinAfrica.io

Bitcoin Africa is a leading African information and news portal publishing contents with the aim of promoting bitcoin and its underlying technology in Africa. It also offers events & conference listing services across Africa. 

5. Brand of the Month-Buycoins (buycoins.africa)

BuyCoins is a service that enables users to trade cryptocurrency instantly with great ease. Currently based in Lagos, Nigeria and available in both iOS and Android devices, BuyCoins allows users to buy/sell cryptocurrency directly via the app easily.

According to BuyCoins, passionate about safe, secure, easy, convenient and instant transactions,  its goal is to provide a platform that serves our users’ needs – whether it is buying, selling, storing or transferring Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin – as conveniently and quickly as possible.

6. Product of the Month –  First Kudi (FirstKudi.com)

First Kudi was founded with the sole purpose of bringing the revolutionary technologies of blockchain and digital currencies to individuals on the african continent.

First Kudi empowers users to Buy, sell, send & receive digital assets including Bitcoin and U.S. Dollar stable coin, send local currencies like the Naira to friends and family for zero transaction fees, revolutionizing businesses with instant peer-to-peer transactions using local currency, make bill payments through enhanced payment networks and channels and make automated group payments quickly and securely

First Kudi was built in partnership with Ferrum Network, a high-speed decentralized network for real-world financial applications that allow people to take control of their financial lives.

source: cryptotvplus

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