Just as of late our own one of a kind Blockchain enthusiats and Buidl Club Member the CEO of Beepmagnet Intl Groups was granted a Doctorate in Management by YESBUD University Zambia. Amb. Dr. Wear Gilead Okolonkwo got perceived for his scholastic greatness in the wake of being tried in different regions which he passsed decisively.

Go along with us right now as we experience his encounters during his stay in Zambia;

My Zambia encounters

As a blockchain fan, the truth of Africa reception, arrangement and commitment to blockchain space became more clear on my visit to Zambia . As a speaker at the simply finished up ‘ Executive authority Summit with the topic: The Heroes we merit, facilitated by Peace mind Foundation and YESBUD college Zambia, I had the option to open the brains of agent who originated from various pieces of Africa and past for the occasion on the requirement for African nations to join the training and selection of blockchain innovation not from an inactive vantage point however from a functioning purpose of commitment as a Player, not an observer or FAN.

My discourse was centered around strategic and vital Action to drive mass selection of blockchain innovation with contextual analysis of BMCToken, referencing 11 use case that BeepMagnet International gathering have created and incorporated during the plan of BMCT blockchain, to take care of Africa issues and bolster Exchange stage to help Africa blockchain tasks and cash combines in the crypto trade advertise. My introduction was centered around 4 use-cases embraced by BMCT and fueled by Beepmagnet global gathering.

a. Sisibox to drive lady selection of blockchain in Africa.

b. Mobdoctor to drive clinical counseling trade for Africa.

c. BeepXchange to drive computerized and borderless financial help on blockchain in Africa through SUREBANQA blockchain stage that powers SurePay and SureSWAP.

d. QDiscount application to make a worldwide dealer incorporation, to drive the circulation of BMCT ace hub and suit Fiat and crypto consideration to bit by bit carry shippers to receive blockchain in Africa.

Present and spoke to at the occasion were:

a. Hon. Samuel Losuron Poghisio (Senator Kenyan Parliament Kenya)

b. Kiwanda Godfrey Ssuubi (pastor of state Tourism Uganda)

c. Hon. Elvis Martin (National Youth Ambassador Australia)

d. Hon. Anastacia Ndhlovu (previous Minister of the travel industry Zimbabwe)

e. Amb. Eno Praise (prime supporter/West Africa executive PAN Africa administration and Entrepreneurship improvement focus Nigeria)

f. Amb. Dr Hillary Emoh (nation Director World Habitat Ambassador’s establishment ( WHAF INTL) Nigeria)

G. Amb. Dr. Babalola Omoniyi (Founder Pan African Leadership and Entrepreneurship improvement Center)

H. Alhaji Dr. Aliyu Abubakar (CEO Real Option Limited)

I. Dr. Splendid Echefu (CEO TStv Africa)

J. Dr. Onyinye Orjiarkor (CEO Valencia Poise)

what’s more, other Top African CEO and Change Agents were available.

The occasion was peaked with the conferment of Honorary Doctorate qualification to recognized Africa pioneers in different field of try on their accomplishment and commitment in their prompt network by YESBUD University Zambia.

You where given what Doctorate?

I was Conferred Honorary Doctorate in Management

This implies your assignment will currently turn into?

Amb. Dr Gilead Okolonkwo, yes!

What openings Did you find in Zambia?

This Question is opportune, I took a visit in Lusaka with other African pioneers, this was our perception and discoveries:

  1. The cash estimation of Zambia known as kwasha was high yet not reflected in the economy or every day lives of its residents.
  2. Their nearby cash was rare, not accessible as we visited 5 neighborhood agency the change and their nearby money was not accessible, yet they had dollars. This made me think. What struck a chord was blockchain innovation to drive advanced and borderless banking. I saw a chance to tokenize their neighborhood cash to engage the individuals, I likewise observed a tremendous open door for QDiscount application to make extra an incentive to the purchaser and draw in more individuals to Zambia

I am using this medium to talk to African blockchain drivers to research Zambia, we have a golden opportunity there. 

‘The goal is to strengthen the purchasing power of Zambian local currency with the support of blockchain technology aimed at driving her tourism’ – Amb Dr. Don Gilead

Beepmagnet intl group will move into action to set the pace for other blockchain companies or enthusiast, our focus is education and setting the standard of USE CASE of blockchain technology from a consumer loyalty perspective of BMCT blockchain.

I want to thank the YESBUD university president and Chancellor for the opportunity to experience and share ideas in Zambia.

source: crptotvplus

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