Kenyan very rich person businessperson and financial specialist, Chris Kirubi, has cautioned the general population to avoid a site that has been utilizing his name to request interests in a plan named ‘Bitcoin Profit.’

On his Twitter handle, Kirubi said that he is ‘not the slightest bit related with this association and the data gave is deluding and misleading.’

The “Bitcoin Profit” is apparently a typical high-yield investment scam whose creators aim to suck money out of gullible investors. Its website features $10 gig actors from Fiverr as well as blatantly fake comments from satisfied customers.

The website has apparently corrupted NTV‘s logo to MTV, had also claimed to have spoken to the industrialist.

“I would also like to remind members of the public to exercise extreme caution when making any investments.

While I often share investment tips and business advice, this information is shared from my verified social media handles and credible websites. #AskKirubi” ~ Chris Kirubi


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