The African crypto industry has seen expanding development throughout the years and this is especially reflected in the dynamic nearby and remote nearness of crypto firms on the mainland. With accentuation in Nigeria being probably the biggest market on the mainland, the development when all is said in done mindfulness has been on a consistent upswing.

The media assumes a one of a kind job in the development of new advancements and the blockchain and crypto industry is no special case. From the most punctual online journals, web recordings, instructional recordings to increasingly complex announcing today, the worldwide familiarity with the computerized transformation owes an abundance of thanks to the media business.

Africa, which holds incredible guarantee as far as the uses of the blockchain innovation, throughout the years, crypto media firms have jumped up each offering administrations all focused on the development of the innovation.

In spite of the incredible advantages which the innovation offers, even with the great bull run of 2017, the crypto media sub-segment in Africa is as yet loaded up with different difficulties. Be that as it may, for business visionaries and clever personalities, where difficulties flourish, more prominent open doors additionally proliferate.

In spite of these conspicuous difficulties, CryptoTVPlus keeps on pushing on and this is reflected in the different achievements it has acheived a long time since its commencement.

The Journey up until now

Since initiation, CryptoTVPlus has endeavored to stay consistent with its inclination, to be a main Media firm in Africa carrying ageless assets to the landmass on the loose. Working from Lagos, Nigeria, CryptoTVPlus has had the option to accomplish noteworthy and unfathomable victories over the two years of its reality.

The following are a portion of these accomplishments:

  • The Launch of CryptoTVPlus News Website

At inception, one of the first things the organization did was the setting up and launch of the website which contains various publications on the crypto industry.

As a leading crypto media firm in Africa, the CryptoTVPlus website reports on news and happenings of the industry from around the world with a major emphasis on the Africa continent.

The CryptoTVPlus culture believes in pushing forth the African agenda. The culture at CryptoTVPlus believes in telling the stories of Africans by Africans.

  •  The Launch of CryptoRadio24

In an effort to spread the awareness of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology across Africa, CryptoTVPlus launched the CryptoRadio24 to achieve this.

CryptoRadio24 is an online radio platform that has become one of the largest most trusted knowledge sharing platforms on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. CryptoRadio24 gives voices to African crypto entrepreneurs, helping them to speak to thousands listening across the continent.

Since its launch, CryptoRadio24 has allowed several Africans, and non-Africans, to share their thoughts on important industry matters across the continent and the world.

  • The Launch of News Update

With a view to simplifying news reporting and grabbing the attention, CryptoTVPlus also launched the News Update service which renders news and happenings in the crypto industry both locally and internationally within a short time frame.

The News Update segment was designed to enable crypto, and especially non-crypto audiences, easily and quickly understand the reporting. CryptoTVPlus News Update has seen a lot of positive response since launch.

  • The Launch of Campus BCAT

Mass adoption remains an important topic in the heart of true crypto entrepreneurs, and at CryptoTVPlus, this is a key focus. Owing to the need to continue pushing for global mass adoption amongst the younger generations, CryptoTVPlus launched the Campus BCAT movement.

The Campus BCAT initiative is an educational and awareness campaign targeted at Nigerian tertiary institutions. Through Campus Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Awareness Tour (Campus BCAT), thousands of students across several universities came to know about crypto, creating a career path amongst others.

Campus BCAT became one of the largest crypto themed events ever in Africa in 2019 with event sponsors gaining massive exposure and interactions with the younger generation. 

  • The Launch of BUIDL AFRICA

With its vision to push forth the African agenda, CryptoTVPlus has also launched the BUIDL AFRICA initiative which celebrates and honors the efforts, contributions, developments, and achievements of Africans pushing and making blockchain solutions on the continent.

BUIDL AFRICA envisions an Africa where the tireless efforts and achievements are adequately acknowledged and given the due recognition they desire. Since inception, various Africans doing exemplary works have been nominated and given the due recognition they desire.

Tony Emeka, CEO of CryptoTVPlus, speaking on the second Anniversary, said:

“Technology plays a significant role in our lives today. Our everyday activities have so much dependence on technology unlike any other time in history. The crypto industry is a growing industry with positive projections in the near future. 

Many people still don’t understand how blockchain technology works, how it can help make life better and easier, what people can do with it to help solve societal problems, and what’s already made. As a media firm, we owe the responsibility of reporting these activities, correctly telling our own stories in our own ways. At CryptoTVPlus, we are just getting started. More is to come.”

 CryptoTVPlus is celebrating two years and hopes to continue making more outstanding achievements in the space in the coming years. 

source: bitcoinke

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