CREST, a blockchain-based non-profit cyber security testing firm, has received $1.4M grant to help build cyber security capacity in Africa and Asia and increase safe access to digital financial services for the poor and unbanked.

Speaking on the funding by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ian Glover, CREST President, said:

“Every country across the world is under increasing threats from cyber crime. This project will help build stronger cyber security capacity in eight fast-developing countries.”

The ultimate goal will be to help both the security industry and the financial industry professionalize and mature in the scheme’s target countries, which are:

The funding will run for the next two years, beginning with a period of research and market analysis phase for each of the above target country.

Crest said it hoped to establish five or more accredited member companies in each market, and deliver 100 fully-funded exams for cyber security professionals.

Crest intends to also work with regulators in select countries to promote a more cyber-secure and cyber-resilient digital infrastructure for banking and financial services, by advising on local standards for testing critical infrastructures.

A definitive objective will be to help both the security business and the budgetary business professionalize and develop in the plan’s objective nations, which are:









The subsidizing will run for the following two years, starting with a time of research and market investigation stage for every one of the above objective nation.

Peak said it would have liked to set up at least five licensed part organizations in each market, and convey 100 completely supported tests for digital security experts.

Peak plans to likewise work with controllers in select nations to advance a more digital secure and digital strong computerized foundation for banking and money related administrations, by prompting on nearby principles for testing basic frameworks.

source: bitcoinke

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