Chiji14xchange will make a N2 Million Staff Intervention Fund to help staff as its staff will start working remotely.

The declaration of its arrangement to start remote work for the staff of the organization happen as from Monday, March 22, 2020, till further notification. This declaration was made on Friday, twentieth March 2020. The is following the affirmation of an expansion in Nigeria’s COVID-19 cases,

Chiji14xchange is an advanced resource exchanging organization, all exchanges are done on the company’s online stage as it manages its customers remotely by means of a similar medium. In any case, not all commitment require online nearness and should be possible remotely.

There exist a few occupations that expect human to human collaboration and thusly, these arrangements of staff reports straightforwardly to the workplace of the firm.

The firm has surveyed it’s whole workforce and distinguished key faculty that are of most extreme significance to the smooth running of the association right now. A review of the evaluation indicated that individuals from the tech group and a couple of client support operators would have the option to viably work remotely while other client care specialists would be required to be truly present.

To this end, the administration of the firm has made arrangements for these fundamental individuals from the firm to move into the organization’s central station as satisfactory convenience has been accommodated them.

The practice of social distancing is imperative at this time and as such, this move is to encourage the practice of social distancing and isolation as is necessary to prevent the looming outbreak of the Pandemic in Nigeria – COVID-19.

In addition to this, the management approved a N2million staff intervention fund to support staff welfare during the period. “This is to support every staff of the company in the isolation process (as regarding stocking up food and toiletries) as finance could be a hindrance to effective isolation practice,” CEO Odum Chijioke said.

This is obviously a judicious move, one that is being adopted by many other organizations globally probably excluding manufacturers of essential commodities and other businesses whose continuity depends on physical contact with customers.

But with a possible nationwide outbreak in sight, drastic decisions have to be made early enough.

Generally, activation of full remote work (for all employees) could be hindered by reasonable challenges such as concerns with the reliability of personal internet compared to more reliable setups in an office environment.

An even greater concern is the availability of power considering the occasional collapse of the national electricity grid in the past.

Nobody’s certain what the next few months will look like, but as far as businesses are concerned, plans have to be put in place to sustain continuity. Would this system really help in preventing an outbreak? 

Would this result in wide acceptance of Remote Working in the nearest future? Whatever the case may be for businesses, working remotely should be seen as a necessity.

As we have hope in the tackling, containment and eventual elimination of the Coronavirus, we are confident that the quality of our service will not be affected in these trying times. 

We wish and pray the best for all our staff, customers and the entire world population. 

source: cryptotvplus

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