Luno, a top digital money trade in South Africa and Nigeria, has reported that they will include Litecoin (LTC) one week from now.

Litecoin will be included to the Luno trade May 11, with exchanging starting on May 12. It will be the fifth cryptographic money to be recorded on the trade.

“We can affirm that LTC will go live to all clients on the eleventh of May. Clients will have the option to make their LTC wallets, send/get, and utilize moment purchase/sell. The trade will be in post-just mode on Monday eleventh, and will be in full post mode on Tuesday twelfth May.” – an individual from the Luno Africa group said.

Luno is well known in Nigeria and South Africa and has as of late entered the Ugandan market. Additionally, Luno is the most well known trade in Malaysia.

Litecoin has gained relatively low adoption on the African continent as a handful of exchanges support it, and there is very little community around it. However, this new addition might give Litecoin a boost in presence on the continent. 

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency launched in October 2011. It has been branded as a quicker version of bitcoin and is currently the 7th highest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Charlie Lee, the lead developer, is an MIT graduate and former employee of Google and Coinbase. In the past few days, Litecoin has recorded up to 7% gains as cryptocurrencies see an uptrend.


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