Bitcoin has consistently been viewed as an unknown method to go through cash. In any case, new firms have created approaches to follow the development of coins on the blockchain.

In this article, we see who is following your bitcoin and how to forestall following bitcoin blenders.

How Bitcoin Transactions Allow Tracking

Bitcoin exchanges are pseudo-mysterious. Each client makes a wallet that contains addresses. These addresses can be checked on the blockchain and followed.

Since the blockchain isn’t private, any cash got to or conveyed of your wallet can be seen. This implies with cautious following your record to be connected to your certifiable personality.

Who Is Tracking You?

Organizations like ChainAnalysis have made it extremely simple for following of exchanges on the bitcoin arrange. An amazing explanation from the organization suggests the way that it isn’t generally hostile to security most definitely.

Jonathan L., who is a co-founder of the company, stated that privacy cannot be considered bad by highlighting that transparency should not get to the point in which the privacy of the individual user is compromised.

Beyond these firms, hackers and other bad actors track bitcoin transactions for malicious reasons. A hacker may track your transactions with the intention of finding a way to compromise your wallet or send a phishing attack.

What’s more, financial privacy is essential online. As we may not want people to know what we spend our money on.

The best alternative to ensuring absolute privacy while using bitcoin is through bitcoin mixers. 

Bitcoin mixers, also known as bitcoin tumblers, are applications that make bitcoin transactions anonymous by mixing funds multiple times in an untraceable way.

BitcoinMix – Send Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum Transactions Privately is one of the most popular bitcoin tumblers in the market. The platform takes coins you want to send anonymously, mixes it and makes the transaction for you.

Bitcoin Mix will take your coins and send fresh ones to the address you provided. The platform sends the new coins from a random Bitcoin address that cannot be traced back to you.

To ensure the true anonymity of users, BitcoinMix does not store logs of transactions on the site, deletes emails that use contact channels after they are attended to.

This process means that, if the bitcoin tumbler service is asked to provide details on transactions by any organization, there will be no data to offer.

How to use BitcoinMix:

  • Visit
  • Select a currency to mix
  • Enter the receiving address
  • Select custom time delay
  • Click “Next”
  • Choose the amount of BTC/LTC/ETH that you want to mix. The minimum amount you can mix is 0.02BTC.
  • Send bitcoins to the address provided.
  • Coins will be mixed and sent to the receiving address.

You will have to take no extra steps at this point since the mixing process is automatic.


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