Ten years have gone since the introduction of digital forms of money and since the distribution of the Bitcoin White Paper, blockchain innovation has not quit developing. Simultaneously, the method for attempting to acquire better profitability has additionally experienced an exceptional advancement. Things have changed a ton since the days that anybody could produce comes back from their work station. The presence of enormous rivalry on a worldwide level, driven by the advances in innovation, has implied that solitary the greatest players in the framework have seen putting resources into blockchain as appealing and productive.

Thus, today we present to you: Kuailian’s Ecosystem

Finding Kuailian

Kuailian is an organization that profits by a total biological system of administrations to get to the universe of cryptographic forms of money. We likewise have available to us the instruments based around blockchain advancements, which are open to all and where no incredible information on the frameworks or overwhelming interest in innovation is required.

Kuailian’s Main Characteristics

It would be exceptionally hard to characterize Kuailian with one principle trademark, given that we have readily available a total biological system, with each segment being as similarly as significant or stunningly better than the past. In any case, we can say that our primary separating credit is our promise to be straightforward and straightforward, all gratitude to and made conceivable by blockchain devices and innovation.

The entirety of the exercises completed on Kuailian can be seen continuously. You can review your own records, choose when you need to plan an exchange (recollect that the blockchain registers are open) and we can guarantee you that your digital forms of money are working and creating results.

Whenever required, you can counsel the lawful enlistment center in Estonia; all the data is accessible on Kuailians site and informal communities.

Not all agreement systems to confirm exchanges resemble Bitcoin (Proof of Work). Tremendous working expenses and amazing gear is expected to work with them and these before long become obsolete. There are different digital forms of money that need to have a foreordained measure of the coin being referred to have the option to complete exchanges. Consequently, it bodes well to develop our cryptographic forms of money by utilizing an organization like Kuailian, which works with this innovation, is known in the market and can do these exchanges (on which incredible returns can be accomplished).

Be that as it may, the progression in innovation never stops (and neither does Kuailian’s). The most impressive and current systems use agreement instruments. On the off chance that you have Heard of Kuailian, you Will definitely realize that one of our fundamental items is Master Nodes.


It is here that Kuailian boosts their ability, by making it accessible to normal individuals that wouldn’t in any case have the option to get to it, because of the volume of cryptographic forms of money that would be required and the information required to work with them. Along these lines, Kuailian utilizes a drawn out stake procedure of 1000 days and will likewise be including Simple Way Staking (Stake/Unstake), to the administrations they offer.


Kuailian and its Automated Systems

Kuailian has made it feasible for everybody to partake in Master Nodes. With the goal that entrance to these isn’t restricted to the couple of, we have pooled them together and afterward isolated them. Moreover, it is conceivable to consequently get a portion of the prizes produced in Smart Pool.

Following is a description of the easy process of signing up to Kuailian

1.        Create a Kuailian account

2.       Complete the KYC (given that we are a company which is registered legally within the European Union) and pay the inscription charge (50.95 dollars, paid in Ether).

3.       Purchase as many Kuais that you want, priced at 100 dollars each (paid en Ether).  A Kuai is not a token nor a cryptocurrency.  It is the measurement unit that can be used for staking a license in the software for 1000 days.  The more licences you buy, the better the returns.

4.   Indicate the Ethereum purse where you want us to deposit your profits daily.

The way the Kuais are organised is very interesting. One one hand, it is accessible to everyone due to the low cost and on the other hand, it allows the users contributions to be sent to Smart Pool, our own system which has been developed in Kuailian to automatically administrate all of the cryptocurrencies that have been contributed by the users, that have been created in Master Nodes.  Twinned with the fact that each week, new Master Nodes are opened up for new licences to be acquired (by new users or existing users).

The contributions made by the users are administered by a system of Machine Learning, that carries out a Deep analysis in the cryptocurrency market, and based on the results, sets up the most profitable and liquid Master Nodes.  In other words, your rewards can be exchanged for Bitcoin or can be transferred to Ether.  The system operates around these so as to maximise the global efficiency of the ecosystem.

Finally, we would like to highlight the fact that the benefits generated by our contribution to the system are shared out on a daily basis.  This is a great advantage of Kuailian, as we are normally used to using big interfaces that demand a minimum amount to be able to make a withdrawal and can take a number of days or weeks to process the payments, or that we rely upon authorisation to have our money made available!!  Kuailian’s, in its bid to be transparent, offers its users a system, which is programmed by their technical team, a Smart Dispersion Contract , developed around the blockchain of Ethereum, which shares out the profits on a daily basis between the users, without any errors or deception (in fact, this contract can be viewed in any Ethereum blockchain explorer).

Extra:  Kuailian Bank, Smart Pool and all the other services offered by the company, have an individual affiliation programme, through which each user will generate profits when their referral signs up to become a Kualian user.

Kuailian Bank and its Next Innovations

Kuailian is very clear that the future is with blockchain, and they dedicate their complete ecosystem to it. They have closed many different deals to be able to offer financial services.  These days, “FIAT” coins can be deposited and exchanged for cryptocurrencies. In the near future, a wallet and a debit card will be added along with dataphones and other financial services that will allow an expansion in the services offered.

Smart Pool Will also expand and develop new options, for example, High Frequency Trading (HFT) and an arbitration system; all of this through the artificial intelligence system that carries out the administration of the ecosystem.

A Constantly Expanding Ecosystem

But Kuailian isn’t just a finance ecosystem.  Without a doubt, like blockchain technology, it goes beyond that.  The main objective of Kuailian is to access the resources based on blockchain technology that already exist on the market; to make them more efficient, more transparent and to give our users an experience they’ve never had before.  Very soon Kuailian Travel Ecosystem will be added, the first service that will be outside of the ‘financial’ sector of the company and that will open the gate to the arrival of new market resources that will turn the company into a reference point in the world of blockchain.


If you are looking for a company that will bring nearer your entrance into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and more accessible, Kuailian is your best ally.


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