The bitcoin dividing is four days away, and the publicity is hitting all aspects of the world, including Africa. In the most recent week, Africa has encountered record-breaking volumes on bitcoin exchanging stages.

Africa – The P2P Power House

Exchanging volume on mainstream shared stages LocalBitcoins and Paxful recorded high volumes a week ago in Sub-Saharan Africa. The mainland recorded $10 million exchange volume just because a multi day time span.

Ghana, Kenya, and Central Africa all hit new volume records in this equivalent week. Kenya recorded $1.6 million, and Ghana recorded $800k, separately.

Nigeria about broke its unequaled high record as well, seeing $7.2 million worth of Bitcoin change hands. Focal African Republic is additionally building up itself as a P2P powerhouse with high volumes for three weeks.

Other peer-to-peer platforms like LocalCryptos and CryptoLocally have also experienced growth in sign-ups and trades from Africa.

Exchanges Stake Their Claim

Traditional exchanges are also experiencing a surge in new users and volumes. Ghanaian local exchange Ebitcoinics, saw a sharp increase of over 70% in trade last month despite having to shut physical bitcoin stores in Accra and Kumasi. The situation got very overwhelming to the extent that the site went down due to extreme traffic.

The bitcoin halving happens in less than five days. Ahead of the event, bitcoin is trading at over $9,600, very close to the $10,000 psychological level.


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