In Bitcoin Africa’s Weekly News Roundup, we take a gander at the most drifting blockchain and cryptographic money stories from Africa this week.

Here are our best picks!

Africa Breaks P2P Trading Volume Record

The landmass recorded another P2P exchanging volume record throughout the most recent week. Exchanging on LocalBitcoins and Paxful in Sub Saharan Africa came to $10 million.

An enormous lump of the volume originated from Nigeria, which approached its unsurpassed high record set in December 2019. Nigeria recorded $7.2 million in volume on the two stages. Be that as it may, Ghana and Kenya set new highs with a Kenya recording $1.6 million, and Ghana recording $800k, individually.

The Central African Republic has likewise been recording extraordinary numbers throughout the previous three weeks, which is fascinating to see since the nation has not been known for high volumes before.

Paxful made 20%+ more in exchanging volume, predominantly because of new recruits from Ghana and Nigeria.


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