The ascent of decentralized economy is here! The last time the world had a significant move like this was during the development of the web. Blockchain African Ladies presents you with a Virtual Conference related to Blocktech Women Conference.

This gathering will illuminate you on the chances and advancements that will rise with this decentralized economy called blockchain innovation.

The basic intensity of the decentralized economy called the Blockchain

Riches creation through the decentralized economy called the Blockchain

The decentralized economy of the present and the future, the new worldview

Virtual Conference – Blockchain African Ladies will hold a Virtual Conference fueled by Blocktech Women Conference. This virtual meeting will affect you on the characteristic worth and riches creation properties of this developing innovation called Blockchain.

“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again!” — Brendan O’Brien

Centralized economy has been the core of functionality globally for centuries. However, central economy has its limitations, especially where innovations is involved. Assets were transferred from one point to a central authority and accessing them needs permission to access these assets. Every sector is managed and controlled by a central authority. These sectors include banking, supply chain, voting, governance, enterprise, and so forth. But, there is a rise of a decentralized economy which is borderless and permissionless, that economy is called the blockchain.

“While it may seem scarier in the earlier days, I think ultimately the blockchain creates a safer world.” – Fred Ehrsam

Decentralized economy transfers control of assets to peer-to-peer instead of through a central authority. Also, the blockchain will displace existing systems in a bid to improve and create seamless processes. The blockchain will revolutionalize information and data security through encrypted peer to peer network.

“Everything will be tokenized and connected by a blockchain one day.” – Fred Ehrsam

Blockchain technology is a new revolution and it is the future of the global economy. Blockchain African Ladies in collaboration with Blocktech Women Virtual Conference will elaborate this in a virtual conference you don’t have to miss.


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