Ghana’s Waya Money has apparently collaborated with Ripple to carry moment cross-fringe repayments to a large number of Africans in three nations if an ongoing update on the previous’ site is thought of.

A “transport is quicker” than bank moves

Situated in Ghana’s hip Accra district, Waya is an advanced “challenger” bank attempting to carry money related consideration to Africa, a locale misled by degenerate monetary practices and notoriously underbanked for its huge populace.

Waya has banded together with blockchain-based installments convention Ripple to probably take care of such across the board issues:

At press time, no extra subtleties of the organization exist on the web, for example, those relating to the utilization of XRP in cross-outskirt installments or the reach out of RippleNet’s foundation.

If comments from a local blog are trusted, the significance of instant transfers to the African region is immense. The blog claims a remittance between Togo and Ghana, two African nations, is cheaper and faster if the relevant parties take a bus ride across the border than rely on banks.

Such problems impede “intercontinental trade and commerce” across Africa, but the entrance of players like Waya attempts to solve the issue. The company even promises a “30-minute” policy on its advertisements, returning money to the senders’ account if transactions are not cleared within the timeframe.

As of now, Waya operates in three African countries; Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria. Others are in the pipeline, including South Africa, Sierra Leone, and Ivory Coast. Interestingly, the project also lists Stellar (XLM) as a partner.

Africa’s bet on crypto

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have witnessed sporadic adoption in Africa, a massive, resource-rich continent suffering from poor financial infrastructure and a robust banking system. Non-blockchain protocols like M-Pesa dominate micro-payments in the continent.

Celebrities are navigating their way in such backdrops. Efforts from the likes of rapper Akon, who spearheaded the Akoin currency, and Madonna, who led a Ripple-backed fundraiser in Malawi back in 2018.

Meanwhile, XRP continues to receive flak from several quarters. Ripple, the crypto’s parent firm, has long maintained there is a “difference” between XRP and broader operations of Ripple Labs, meaning the two efforts are not interrelated.


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