On the off chance that you are a professional dealer, at that point FESS is accompanying a Trade rivalry on 21st May which likewise denotes its first Public posting. FESSChain is so eager to report the ‘Most sultry Crypto Trade Fest of the Year 2020’ on DigiFinex.

3 Lucky Winners will seek a prize pool of S100,000 for fess exchanging challenge beginning from 21st May 2020. The champs can bring home a tasteful BMW 3 Series Car, Honda Civic, and a 16″ MacBook Pro. Furthermore, another occasion beginning on DigiFinex from June 2, 2020, has 350,000 tokens to offer by means of airdrop, exchanging, and marking exercises.

A Grand Prize is in every case better than a prize and such rivalries don’t generally come. In this way, it’s a brilliant open door for crypto dealers over the world.

You should be interested at this point what to do so as to get these fabulous prizes from us! In this way, you should be following these means to be qualified to join the member pool.

FESSChain IEO on DigiFinex

FESS Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) closed on DigiFinex trade on March 1, 2020. The IEO (or super deal) was a crushing achievement and hit the hard top of $ 8.76 million out of a matter of only 43 seconds. It got a staggering reaction from financial specialists. The IEO didn’t just arrive at the hard top inside a couple of eye squints yet in addition got oversubscribed by nearly 2x edge.

Terms and Conditions:

FESSChain is inviting crypto traders from across the world to participate in FESSChain grand Trading Fest. You need to be following these conditions to join the pool of claimants:

  • To become eligible for this contest all you need is to trade FESS on DigiFinex in the FESS/USDT pair during the contest period.
  • Users whose Net purchase is of more than 1 million will be eligible for this reward.
    Here FESS net purchase = Buying volume – Selling volume
  • The competition will start from May 21, 2020, at 20:00 and will remain live until June 9, 2020 (GMT+8).
  • Based on participants’ trading volume, they will be ranked on DigiFinex and the three lucky winners will be announced at the end of the competition.

To Know better about this Contest and Participate kindly Visit: DigiFinex dedicated Section

Now, this listing event calls for Additional rewards of 350,000 FESS tokens. This event will be divided in 2 stages whose details can be found here:

Stage One: Listing Airdrop of FESS

Rank Top 200 in net purchase competition

During the activity, users will be ranked according to
FESS net purchase (net purchase = buying volume-selling volume*

During the activity, users whose net purchase of FESS ≥ 2,000 but who are not in the top 200 will receive 30 FESS tokens, with 15,000 FESS Tokens in total for this reward.

Trade FESS

During the activity, users who trade FESS with transaction volume ≥100 FESS will be rewarded 5 FESS, and a total of 10,000 FESS will be rewarded.

Promote FESS

During the activity, you can follow DigiFinex’s official Twitter (t.co/digifinex) or Facebook account (fb.com/digifinex.global) and FESS’s official Twitter (t.co/fesschain) and forward any FESS activity posts. Screenshot and register it in the form and you can share 15,000 FESS with other participants.

Click Here to Register

Stage Two: FESS Q&A Reward

Time: June 2, 2020 10:00 — June 9, 2020 20:00(GMT+8)

1.Airdrop in FESS communities

Gather your friends and join DigiFinex Telegram group during the event period in order to gain exclusive access to the passwords required to unlock the red packets!


2. H5 page for FESS Q&A

Open H5 page for FESS Q&A to answer the questions. Users who correctly answer all questions can share reward of 60,000 FESS.

The Q&A H5 page will be published on June 1, please pay attention to the content of the announcement by DigiFinex.

Happy Trading!!

About FESSChain

FESSChain Is an AI operated and Proof of Proof based blockchain that uses Volume Oriented fragmentation version 1.0 to settle data into the blockchain. It is unique in many terms and one of them is its data processing and storage supported by Neutrino Framework. The framework makes sure that it processes data into the main chain it fragments the data into the smallest units possible in sub-chains. It only saves the relevant data into the main chain thus shrugging off the unnecessary load.


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