Yellow Card is formally going live with help for Botswana pula (BWP) and South African rand (ZAR) so as to fulfill the need of the ever-extending digital money showcases across Africa.

Effectively well known in Nigeria, we’re currently including new money support and growing quickly outside of West Africa, eager to carry the universe of cryptographic money to both the unbanked and the cheated. As of Friday, we will dispatch the accompanying new highlights and activities:

The capacity to purchase and sell Bitcoin with numerous monetary forms including Botswana’s BWP and South Africa’s ZAR

Extension to new areas outside of Nigeria, including Botswana where we will be the solitary trade, and a proceeded with drive to make purchasing and selling of Bitcoin utilizing money and bank move simple and reasonable for all.

About Yellow Card: Yellow was established by Chris Maurice and Justin Poiroux in 2016 with the purpose to make a Bitcoin gift voucher. At that point, in 2018, Chris and Justin met a man at a Wells Fargo who was attempting to send $200 dollars to his family in Nigeria.

The bank charged him an unjust fee of 90$. We decided to undertake the mission of bringing Bitcoin to Africa with the objective of “financial inclusion for all”, and since then with the help of our partner Munachi Ogueke we’ve taken Nigeria by storm with 20,000+ merchants and over $25 million dollars in transactions. 

Yellow Card will soon become synonymous with cryptocurrency in Africa, as we provide access to people who have previously been left out of the crypto revolution.


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