For a long time now, there have been asserts with regards to how Bitcoin is supposedly making advances in Africa. Another narrative airing on Amazon Prime appears to affirm so a lot, yet there is still a lot of work to be finished.

Africa is where budgetary hardship is the new ordinary.

Bitcoin has a Bright Future in Africa

Getting to essential monetary administrations and items can frequently be testing, if certainly feasible.

The narrative “Putting money on Africa: The Bitcoin Revolution” shows how things may start to develop sooner rather than later.

All the more explicitly, the narrative delineates the present status of Bitcoin in Africa, either regardless.

Throughout the years, digital currencies have apparently had their effect on the mainland.

Albeit introductory endeavors were little and everywhere, Bitcoin is clearly increasing more footing each week.

Many people believe that Africa will be the prime region for cryptocurrency adoption. 

The documentary makers, who introduced a report alongside with the video material, seem to be thinking along the same lines.

Ownership of cryptocurrency in Africa is certainly on the rise.

While not everyone has access to the internet, those that do seem to actively look for this alternative form of money. 


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