Novel blockchain stage, BlueKey has reported the posting of its local token (BKY) on CoinmarketCap. This speaks to another significant advance for the stage which gives obvious utility and continuous use-case for the blockchain biological system.

Aside from being recorded on CoinmarketCap, the BKY token is presently additionally consequently obvious on the TRUST WALLET. BKY clients no longer need to experience middle person tokens to remove an incentive from their computerized resources.

Utilizing BKY to Disrupt Finance

Throughout the years blockchain innovation has worked up a ton of desires as an answer that will improve the majority of our customary procedures. One territory where blockchain disturbance has made the most clamor so far is in money related arrangements. By empowering distributed (P2P) exchanges, blockchain is dispensing with a great deal of bottlenecks that have restricted the fintech business.

With the advancement of internet business and installment arrangements, powerful P2P frameworks are getting progressively well known. In spite of this development in the business, genuine use case usage are yet inadequate to the predominant modern needs. In this manner, the creation by BlueKey speaks to a significant commitment to the monetary arrangement and web based business parts.

With essential spotlight on the African area, where there is a critical requirement for monetary comprehensiveness, BlueKey is taking care of a mainland issue that could spread even past Africa. As per the originator of GalaxyChain Technologies, proprietors of BlueKey, Suanu Neenwi, the organization targets turning into a pioneer in Africa in the arrangement of key budgetary arrangements utilizing crypto.

He says;

Our vision is to become Africa’s leading crypto-financial hub, with a mission to provide instant credit facilities to the user community backed by our native token(BKY) as collateral asset.

Bringing Life to Small Businesses

Credit accessibility is indeed a difficult terrain for the common man in Africa. This is one of the achilles heels that keeps holding back the continent from active development. The difficulty in accessing credit facilities has led to an almost non-existent small and medium scale industries. In the absence of capital, or inability to access credit facilities, small businesses have found it difficult to survive.

GalaxyChain, with its products have come to change this narrative and open up the industry for small businesses especially to thrive. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can now easily access credit facilities, using their BKY tokens as collateral. This eliminates the usually cumbersome processes of tedious paperwork and unachievable conditions in most cases from traditional banks.

Also within the ecosystem, on the BlueKey e-commerce platform, BKY provides a flexible and unified payment system for customers. This is a marketplace where you can perform all your transactions using the singular token, thereby saving yourself from the previously complicated processes associated with traditional e-commerce platforms. Users of BKY will no longer encounter cross-border payment complications such as exaggerated fees, delayed transactions, regional payment restrictions among other bottlenecks.

The Four Pillars of GalaxyChain

BlueKey’s financial ecosystem is being built on the Ethereum network, this will enable it to effectively serve all categories of users both in Africa and beyond. Using the BKY utility token which runs on the Ethereum network, BlueKey is able to offer financial inclusion via four main products:

  • GalaxyWallet 

This is a product that aims to solve critical banking issues. It is a solution that will enable financial inclusion and be beneficial especially to the unbanked and underbanked communities of the world. GalaxyWallet is available for download on GooglePlaystore.

The GalaxyExchange is a solution that bridges the gap between the existing fiat-based economy and the emerging digital assets ecosystem. All crypto-fiat exchanges in the ecosystem are executed in a P2P manner at:

This is a blockchain-based loan solution, where customers can access instant loans. The solution introduces one of the internal use cases of the BKY token. It serves as a collateral for loan applications on

As mentioned above, the BlueKey e-commerce platform is a hub for entrepreneurs. It provides participants with a simplified opportunity of engaging in online businesses and creating wealth for themselves. Anyone from anywhere in the world can easily rent a virtual store and carry out their e-commerce on

Listing on CoinmarketCap is only one of the numerous fundamental requirements that has already been met by the BlueKey blockchain solution. Moreover, this is a timely solution that has come at a time when the world is evolving into remote operations. Owning and interacting with virtual stores is one aspect of life that is becoming a fundamental part of the human regiment.

BlueKey does not only offer an opportunity to own and operate a virtual store. It also provides all the necessary tools for a seamless transition between the existing traditional systems and the emerging world of digital operations. 


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