The digital currency world has been loaded up with much expectation for the long anticipating square prize dividing for Bitcoin, which at last happened in May 2020 when square number 630000 was mined. The square additionally contained the message “NYTimes 09/Apr/2020 With $2.3T Injection, Fed’s Plan Far Exceeds 2008 Rescue.” This referenced a comparable message that was covered up in the first since forever mined Bitcoin square.

What is the Bitcoin Halving?

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The Bitcoin splitting alludes to the way toward separating the quantity of produced rewards per square. This is never really down the gracefully of new coins. “Square rewards” are the principle motor behind Bitcoin mining and the fundamental force behind the activity of the Bitcoin organize. The Bitcoin dividing happens each 210000 squares, lessening the prize by 50 percent in a geometrical movement.

In 2009, the underlying square prize was 50 Bitcoin. At that point it diminished to 6.25 coins in May 2020. Bitcoin dividing structures an essential piece of most different digital forms of money just as Bitcoin. It is the fundamental calculation of discharge control and one of the ways Bitcoin can run with no unified position.

After the bitcoin splitting occurred in May 2020, experts are expecting the estimation of bitcoin to be impacted by the dividing likewise as remote monetary standards respond to national financial strategies.

What Top Investors and Analysts in the Industry Are Saying

There are various opinions by experts as to how the price will react after this event.

  • Expecting long –term growth in the Bitcoin market: Many analysts and experts are of the opinion that the halving event prepares Bitcoin for exponential growth soon. These include Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss — the founders of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange. In a recent interview, they said: “We’re set for another order of magnitude step up — whether $20,000 is the Bitcoin base, maybe we see $100,000. But each [halving], the cryptocurrency becomes exponentially bigger than we could imagine.” A similar expectation is also echoed by Pantera Capital’s chief executive officer, Dan Morehead. According to him, bitcoin could reach a peak price of $115,212 within the next four years. 
  • An immediate Rally cannot be expected: Many analysts also are of the opinion that an immediate rally just after halving cannot be expected. This includes a former VP at J.P. Morgan who goes by the nickname “PlanB”. According to him, the cryptocurrency market will be affected by volatility in the short run, which was reflected recently as bitcoin reached levels of $8100 and $9200. Famous venture capitalist Tim Draper also echoed the same opinions. According to him, bitcoin’s price will rise significantly within the next six months.

It should be noted that the halving not only affects scarcity, but also affects miners in the network. The price must balance the amount of capital put in by miners. The halving causes their revenues to cut in half. They will be forced to stop mining if the price of bitcoin and transaction fees are lower than their expenditure. Following the Bitcoin halving, cryptocurrency exchanges will likely replace miners as the biggest sellers of bitcoin. Bitcoin traders are thus watching the price of bitcoin closely after May 12, as well as the cryptocurrency’s hash rate. Miners would leave in huge numbers if the price of bitcoin doesn’t outweigh the costs to mine.


The prospect of having a Bitcoin halving in the midst of the worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic may seem odd. However, the halving schedule is algorithmically determined. Now, we will wait and see how the price of bitcoin will behave.


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