The Nigerian blockchain and cryptographic money network have been furnished with another novel chance to get an incentive from the computerized resources advertise. This open door has come as “KoinKoin”, a half and half digital money trade.

KoinKoin permits clients to take an interest in both shared digital currency exchanging administrations, just as immediate fiat to cryptographic money trade.

KoinKoin is headquartered in London, however on Thursday, June 04, 2020, the organization reported that it has initiated full tasks in Nigeria. This comes following a very nearly one year long beta testing experience and UAT. As per the declaration, crypto clients in Nigeria would now be able to appreciate full usefulness on the stage in manners that suit their wants.

“KoinKoin’s digital asset exchange services are immediately available and users can readily make deposits and withdrawals with their Naira based credit and debit cards in purchase of BitCoin, Ethereum and LiteCoin.   KoinKoin’s digital asset exchange offers peer to peer exchange services as well as a direct fiat to cryptocurrency exchange”.

A Decentralised Social Commerce Marketplace

Apart from offering exchange services for cryptocurrency users, KoinKoin has also delivered the first marketplace application underpinned by  Ethereum. This is a Social Commerce platform that is available to users on both Android and iOS. As a wholesaler or retailer, the KoinKoin Social Commerce platform gives you the opportunity to sell your products directly to your personal or social media network. 

Based on the Ethereum network, transactions on the KoinKoin Social Commerce platform are decentralized. It allows users across the various regions of Africa to trade among themselves without the limitations of foreign exchange. At the same time, such transactions help users to protect their privacy and promote the confidentiality of doing business.

Founder and CEO of KoinKoin, Ola Atose expresses his excitement at the launch of this product. He says: “I am truly excited about this launch and I deeply appreciate the KoinKoin team for all their hard work over the past months.”  

Atose and team are already looking ahead to delivering digital exchange services across Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda later on this year.


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