It’s the year, 2020. The digital money industry has developed and early and suffering financial specialists have made some monstrous increases. From the bounty of cryptographic forms of money accessible available, some being very unique in itself to others which are thump offs, numerous people everywhere throughout the world have made some awesome benefits and misfortunes too.

The last bull run of 2016/2017 saw the collection of riches by the individuals who were savvy and less more astute. The short coin flipping time span permitted speculators to rapidly develop their riches in a few zeros of rates.

The cryptographic money industry was developing at a phenomenal rate. Numerous crypto ventures were coming up, each offering great use cases and some attempting to take care of the unimaginable and nonexistent issues. Some crypto task’s answers were really issues. Loads of cash flying about starting with one ICO then onto the next. Trades posting various shades of tokens, everything was getting tokenized. Complete market capitalization was approaching a trillion dollars, at that point the bear came up and sent loads of crypto speculators and organizations to money related ruin.

While loads of individuals were demolished could be credited to a few factors, all through the bear time frame and even earlier, the riches amassed were because of certain significant reasons. Putting resources into digital money accompanies its own difficulties and making the correct call depends on some significant factors, for example,

1. Understanding what a crypto project is about. 

It’s imperative to know what you’re buying. Before investing in any cryptocurrency, it’s important as an investor you take time into researching about the cryptocurrency. You’ve to ask yourself, what type of technology are they building and what can it be used for. 

At this time, building carts of horses for sale doesn’t seem right at this time. Same way some cryptocurrency projects appear to be unrealistic. A good understanding is important to truly make good judgement on whether a crypto project would be a good investment choice. 

The location of the crypto project is is also important to consider.

2. Team members 

Bitcoin being the first cryptocurrency has remained quite interesting considering the identity of the creator. Till today, Satoshi has remained a mystery. No one knows where or who he is. But for other cryptocurrencies, it’s not so. The identity of the creators ought to be known. A cryptocurrency whose founders or creators do not have a public presence can be a risky choice. An investor is expected to research and get to know those behind a project and ascertain if they are experienced enough to do what they intend to do. 

3. Market for a crypto product 

For every product that must be successful there must be a market for such a product. If the market for a particular product is too small, then the product could die off most especially if the cost of production exceeds revenues. 

An investor is expected to evaluate the market of crypto projects before thinking of investing. If the market is not significant, then the tokens or shares may not increase in value or worse turn into a loss. 


Cryptocurrency offers a speedy journey to the most expensive lifestyle. It also offers an even faster journey to financial hell. The choice before any investor is making the right call or wrong call. 

These three points are imperative in making the right call. 


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