The Decentralized Finance commercial center, regularly alluded to as DeFi, hit another unsurpassed in May 2020 in both all out clients and the aggregate sum in bolted resources.

The most recent measurements show the exponential development of DeFi resources by just about 10-crease contrasted with same time a year ago in May 2019.

The following are most recent details as of May 2020:

  • DeFi Market Cap – $2. 45B
  • New assets pass 1, 000 for the first time
  • Uniswap Protocol accounts for approximately 75% of all assets
  • DeFi users hit 193, 000 with majority coming from Kyber Network and Uniswap Protocol
  • DeFi market cap has doubled to $2 billion in just two months

The DeFi space may not be as popular to many as the general Bitcoin and cryptocurrency marketplace. However, its exponential growth cannot be ignored or under-estimated.

According to Evgeny Yurtaev, Founder of Zerion, a DeFi project:

“DeFi is the new FinTech. It all comes down to the cost of distribution. [The] Internet brought it close to zero for the content. However, it did not happen in finance.”

In order to help more Africans understand this interesting and evolving world of DeFi, BitKE has organized a free online discussion with one of the leading minds in DeFi in Kenya, Eugene Mutai.

The class is sponsored by Paxful, the largest P2P Bitcoin marketplace in Africa.


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