How to buy Bitcoin/crypto using a naira debit card

It’s pretty easy to buy bitcoin/cryptocurrency in Nigeria using your naira debit card. For those that don’t know how to get started this article was created with you in mind.

On the hand you might ask what can I do with cryptocurrency in Nigeria, the link explains that.

Now here are the steps to get you on your way to buy bitcoin/cryptocurrency in Nigeria using your naira debit card

Creating an Account

  1. Go to and click ‘Create Account’ in the menu
  2. Fill in your details, submit and verify your email via the link in your email
  3. Once you verify your email, your Quidax account is open
  4. Go to My Account and verify your account on Quidax

Depositing Naira in your Quidax wallet with card payment

  1. Click on “Wallets”  in the website menu
  2. Select “Card Payment” option
  3. Enter the details of how much you want to deposit and click on ‘Pay’
  4. After clicking pay, a pop up will appear showing you various deposit options
  5. Input your card details in the required field. (CVV: are the 3 digits at the back of your debit card)
  6. Click “Pay”, after which you input your card PIN
  7. You may be required to input a one time password which will be sent to your phone number and email to complete your transaction
  8. Once done your Quidax wallet will be instantly credited with the value you deposited

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