New pair support- South African Rand to Zcoin

Zcoin ($XZC) a decentralised privacy cryptocurrency today announced that it has been listed on OVEX with a South African Rand (ZAR) pairing.

“Zcoin’s listing on OVEX will create the opportunity for traders to fill the vacuum in offering privacy with the introduction of $XZC to the South African market, especially with the ZAR pairing that opens door to it being readily adopted in the country,” says Poramin Insom, Founder & Core Developer of Zcoin. “This is an exciting development and opportunity to expand in a rapidly developing country where cryptocurrency trading volumes are on the increase”.

According to Jonathan Ovadia, CEO of OVEX, the cryptocurrency exchange offers traders both simple and advanced modes to suit their needs across a secure and trusted platform in South Africa. “We’re excited about the potential for growth on this coin, privacy coins are an essential part of the crypto ecosystem and we’re very excited to give South Africans access to this opportunity.”

Zcoin recently rolled out the first zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) protocol which means it allows users to trade privately without a trusted setup. According to the company, it is working on the highly anticipated Lelantus protocol which is Zcoin’s independent innovation that further removes the need for fixed denominations and hidden transaction values.

As part of the official listing, Zcoin and OVEX will be hosting a community-focused event in Woodstock, Cape Town, to introduce $XZC to users on the platform.

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