Litecoin is a bitcoin alternative that separates itself with quicker and lighter contrasted with the principal digital money. Right now, will discover courses through which you can purchase litecoin in Nigeria.

Before you buy litecoin from a trade, you should have a litecoin wallet to store your recently obtained advanced resource. Look at our Best Litecoin Wallets of All Time article to choose a wallet of your inclination.

You can purchase Litecoin (LTC) in Nigeria utilizing Quidax, Gimibits, iCE3X, and Binance. Gimibits and Quidax permit you to purchase legitimately with the Naira. Binance and iCE3X, then again, expects you to buy bitcoin first, before exchanging it against Litecoin.

Here are the top 3 ways to buy Litecoin in Nigeria:



Quidax allows you to buy Litecoin in Nigeria directly with the Naira. You can deposit Naira on the cryptocurrency exchange bank transfer, debit card, USSD (Mobile Money).

After that, you can quickly buy Litecoin using the Quidax quick buy interface or place an order via the exchange. The quick buy option comes with a 1.4 percent fee, while fees on the primary exchange are less than 0.5 percent.

Quidax is a popular cryptocurrency exchange in Lagos, Nigeria, established in 2018. It supports four other cryptocurrencies. 

You can check out our full Quidax Review for more.

Quidax platform highlights:

  • Fees: 1.4% (quick buy) or 0.2 to 0.3% on exchange.
  • LTC/NGN trading pair.
  • Verification is required.
  • Deposit methods: Bank transfer, bank cards, and USSD.

Buy Litecoin on Quidax:



Gimibits is a new Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange built by XPESA PVT. LTD. You can buy Litecoin in Nigeria directly. You can load your wallet via bank transfer on Gimibits.

The exchange is a mobile-only platform and is currently available for Android devices. Gimibits has moderate trading fees at 0.1 percent per trade.

Gimibits platform highlights:

  • Fees: 0.1 percent
  • LTC/NGN trading pair.
  • Verification is required.
  • Deposit methods: Bank transfer.

Buy Litecoin on Gimibits:



As mentioned earlier, iCE3X doesn’t allow you to buy litecoin directly with the Naira. To buy litecoin in Nigeria using this platform, you will first have to buy bitcoin and sell bitcoin for Litecoin.

iCE3X is another popular cryptocurrency exchange with a large userbase in South Africa. You can add Naira to your wallet on iCE3X via bank transfer.

Trading on this exchange comes with a 0.5 percent trading fee. You can also check out our iCE3X Guide and Review to learn more about the platform.

iCE3X exchange highlights:

  • Fees: 0.5 percent (lower for users with higher volume)
  • BTC/NGN > LTC/BTC trading pairs. 
  • Verification is required.
  • Deposit methods: Bank transfer.

Buy Litecoin on iCE3X:



Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange giant. To buy, you will have to buy bitcoin with Naira first and proceed to buy Litecoin after.

You will pay about 1.4 percent in deposit fees and 0.1 percent trading fee. Binance users can deposit Naira (NGN) through debit or a credit card through the Binance Fiat Gateway

Binance platform highlights:

  • Fees: 1.4% deposits or 0.2 to 0.3% on exchange.
  • BTC/NGN > BTC/LTC trading pairs.
  • Verification is required.
  • Deposit methods: Debit or credit cards.

Buy Litecoin on Binance:

This review consists of only exchanges that have a direct Litecoin (LTC)/ Naira (NGN) pair or exchanges that have other Naira – cryptocurrency pairs and also allows you to trade Litecoin. Some other global exchanges that enable you to buy Litecoin from anywhere in the world.

Have you tried any of the exchanges on this list? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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