Following two years of difficult work, the Conflux Network will be authoritatively propelled. Here, we give a nitty gritty diagram of our way to mainnet.

In contrast to a large portion of the companions, Conflux planned a three-eliminate dispatch intend to roll the functionalities and the highlights bit by bit. The purposes behind such a structure are two-overlay.

Right off the bat, to ensure the system security in the beginning period and to shake out all the bugs of significant functionalities, for example in the Conflux cross-chain convention. Also, Conflux focuses to bring applications and significant exchanges onto the system alongside every one of the three stages, so that by Phase III, there will be a built up Conflux biological system, rather than an unfilled system.

Conflux accepts such a three-stage configuration is a more advantageous methodology for the system just as for the entire business over the long haul.

Stage I — Pontus

In Phase Pontus, the Conflux Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Solution will be propelled.

Conflux Network

Conflux Network, a superior PoW open convention, is naturally one of the most reasonable ground layer answers for the DeFi environment.

So as to push the advancement of our DeFi biological system, our specialized group has built up a cross-chain convention — ShuttleFlow. The cross-chain convention furnishes the client with a protected, proficient and helpful approach to connect their benefits across different chains.

First and foremost, Conflux and our environment accomplices will shape a cross-tie overseer coalition to safely delineate standard resources like BTC, ETH, or USDT onto the Conflux chain by utilizing multi-signature innovation. The Conflux Foundation will remunerate the benefits brought onto the Conflux Network and simultaneously, repay clients on the off chance that they lose their advantages because of specialized issues or bugs in the cross-chain convention.

In the beginning periods of the Shuttleflow cross-chain convention, we’ll be welcoming individuals from the cross-chain overseer partnership by greeting. It will likewise incorporate current Conflux environment accomplices, a notable cryptographic money wallet, caretaker administration, and stable-coin suppliers.

The rundown of the partnership individuals and multi-signature overseer agreements will be open and for everybody to screen consistently. As the cross-chain partnership will develop and advance, it will continuously move towards a self-sufficient activity and offer more types of assistance to the clients.

Other than Shuttleflow, Conflux people group designers (holler to Justin and Sophia) and the Conflux group have together made the decentralized exchange convention — BoomFlow.

BoomFlow highlights moment trade contracts and a high-recurrence coordinating motor to guarantee smooth and profoundly productive activities and administrations dependent on decentralized trades (DEX) based on the Conflux Network.

Administrators and specialist organizations can associate with the BoomFlow convention in a permissionless way, and utilize an API interface to alter their own cost parameters, build up a customized and easy to use interface, and receive a one of a kind client activity methodology.

In Pontus, alongside the DeFi arrangement, we’ll additionally be propelling the main Decentralized Exchange DApp — MoonDex.

MoonDex is created and introduced by the Cross-chain Alliance part, DAppBirds.

The MoonDex venture was commenced a while back and the improvement and activity are all on target. Together with the DAppBirds group, we are building a Decentralized Exchange with a similar degree of client experience as a concentrated trade.

MoonDex will be unfurled in mid-April.

Conflux Fans Coin will be utilized as a trade medium in the MoonDex during the Phase Pontus. All the Conflux people group individuals and FC holders are urged to encounter the MoonDex stage.

During the stage Pontus, Conflux Foundation will ensure that the clients won’t endure resource misfortune brought about by mechanical issues. In the event that the system acts mischievously or encounters other specialized issues that maybe bring about resource misfortune, Conflux Foundation will make up for the estimation of distinction.

Fundamentally: A decentralized trade in the Conflux arrange gives liquidity to the hidden resources of the blockchain and uses the superior of the Conflux system to give traffic to the application layer from the earliest starting point.

Stage II — Oceanus

In Phase Oceanus, we’ll be concentrating on mining and the PoW calculation.

In the principal half of this stage, we will sort out a few mining efforts, from mid-scale (several members) to enormous scope (a great many members), to additionally confirm the strength of the system.

As yet, the mining calculation we use will in any case be SHA256. Despite the fact that the coins mined from this timeframe are not official CFX, Conflux Foundation has distributed a liberal spending plan for these battles to urge more members to add to the system processing force and security.

In the second 50% of the stage, when we make certain of system security, organize steadiness, and adequate system donors, we will relocate to the official Conflux PoW mining calculation.

In pace with the raising of registering force and system security, we hope to see more standard resources, as BTC and ETH, to be collected on-chain from MoonDex and from the Conflux ShuttleFlow. The Conflux ShuttleFlow itself will commence the mix with the Bitpie wallet as the main Instant Exchange wallet on Conflux.

During Phase Oceanus, we will concentrate on an inside and out pilot go around the mining calculation, DApps, Dex, and other DeFi items with our environment accomplices. The system highlights and capacities will be step by step discharged to the network so as to build the degree of decentralization while keeping up elevated levels of framework security and execution all through the system. This will guarantee that the group’s concentration and consideration won’t be influenced a lot by the auxiliary market change.

For the Phase Oceanus, we get out for all Conflux people group individuals to take an interest in our mining exercises, just as, our current and potential biological system accomplices, particularly DeFi groups, to go along with us to begin the item structure and advancement.

Stage III — Tethys

This will be the last and completely utilitarian Mainnet of the Conflux Network.

The swap among FC and CFX will authoritatively begin. Conflux ShuttleFlow will open up to applications starting here onwards. The Conflux Foundation will likewise have an Ecosystem Development Plan set up to encourage a broad biological system.

There are as of now 11 union individuals. At the outset time frame, The Conflux Foundation will choose the choice of the collusion individuals. When the union is steady, Conflux Foundation will bit by bit become dull from an acting job and leave the partnership as DAO.


The entire structure of the dispatch plan took a very long time of consultation. The Conflux group and numerous companions inside the business have seen numerous eminent ventures propelling their mainnet with a major motion and much greater desires, however with scarcely any genuine development or progress after that.

We generally evaluate and seek after elite of blockchain frameworks. The blockchain world has seen numerous tasks professing to accomplish hundreds or even a great many TPS yet possibly using a small amount of the case when the mainnet really dispatches (a few thousand exchanges for every day, not every second).

Conflux’s significant achievement is superior under PoW. We have more reasons, as we attempt further, to keep away from such a circumstance for the Conflux Network mainnet dispatch.

Conflux’s endeavors rotate around driving the business above and beyond. Based on that, the three-stage dispatch plan can and will help Conflux to have a system with significant exchanges, essential applications, adequate patrons, and a principally settled environment by Phase III — Tethys.

Throughout this excursion, the Conflux group invites and supports the entirety of our locale individuals, environment accomplices, and other invested individuals to go along with us.

In Phase I — Pontus, people group individuals, and other FC holders are invited to encounter another, improved Dex stage. In Phase II — Oceanus, we energize the Conflux people group and other mining networks to take an interest in our different mining exercises. What’s more, the innovation mix with our current accomplices, prophet arrangement, layer-2 arrangement, and other experiencing DApps, will occur right now. Engineers and diggers are profoundly urged to follow the most recent updates of Conflux and to connect for more data. When we are at Phase III — Tethys, Conflux will introduce a mainnet, however a framed biological system.

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