The first quarter of this current year has met with an exceptionally upsetting worldwide pandemic COVID-19 which was first refered to in Wuhan China and has so far taken in excess of 11000 lives and many thousands influenced all around.

The impact is so tremendous, pounding nearly everything to a stop with a few Central banks cutting enthusiasm rates,giving improvement bundles because of the plunging of the budgetary frameworks brought about by the dread and response of the world towards the pandemic.

KuBitX, being at the front line of decentralized fund and mass selection of blockchain and its benefits for installment, cross fringe settlements, tokenization of genuine asset,would need to join the call by the World Health Organization to embrace computerized methods for installment as this would empower a greater amount of social separating and the utilization of money could additionally support the spread of this horrendous infection which has antagonistically affected every one of us.

Social separating is emphatically energized as a keen good suasion component to reduce the spread of this infection. As a business with an away from of building an incentive based on instruction fixated on sympathy, empathy and consideration, would need to open up another free online instructive battle to teach the worldwide world on blockchain, decentralized account and how we can utilize it to keep our organizations, singular every day exchanges remain above water.

KuBitX group will open an open zoom meeting to help anybody ready to comprehend blockchain named ‘Learn with KuBitX’ with our group of Blockchain specialists.

As an organization,we need to join the require a complete computerized world and consistent cashless society to offer ourselves to pioneer free start to finish ‘Learn with KuBitX’ into the decentralized world by uncovering millions into digital currency use and numerous other use cases the blockchain gives.

We have just assembled a half and half blockchain wallet which interfaces with tokenized fiat monetary standards and crypto resources by method for onramps and offramps.

We likewise have swapping of Naira to Ghana cedis and numerous other Afrcian monetary forms for simple ventures or exchange inside the landmass.

KuBitX turns into the first blockchain startup to come out unmistakably to help the world to go cashless by offering free online start to finish Awareness,Education ,Tutorial and all that you have to think about decentralized account.

We are opening this for SMEs, trivial brokers, online customers, people and huge corporates who need the information to change into the decentralized world.

No More Limits to your Business Transactions!

KuBitX offers Free Online Training on Blockchain and Decentralized Finance

Makes business simpler for SMEs, Petty Traders, Online customers, people and huge corporates as we remain at home from COVID-19.

source: cryptotvplus

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