The circumstance on the planet, when numerous meetings and summits are dropped, pushed the group from to get ready Global Investors Online Summit as quickly as time permits.

We will likely build World interest in 2020, and we are sure that the biggest online summit will add to this.

Among the 25,000 agents to our Online Summit, we intend to include in excess of 150 specialists and authors in the fields of speculation, adventures, blockchain, cryptographic money, securities exchanges, AI, and every single inventive region. In the addresses of our specialists we might want to make reference to cutting edge devices for pulling in ventures.

Notwithstanding the principle objective, we unravel inquiries at the business level of our members.

What is the Global Investors Online Summit 2020 Spring represents?

We give the perfect instrument to current venture advertise, and did it in the nick of time.

1. We came here for Business Networking, right for you.
Directly during the online conference, you can contact leading industry experts, tech entrepreneurs and investors… Ask questions, vote, contact the best people directly. We booked lots of investors, business owners, CEOs, Department Heads, many people with responsibility.

2. We ask experts every day to share useful information with all of you.
The key topics for discussion at this summit are success in venture capital, block-chain, real estate, stock exchange and others. Learn from current investors from around the world by watching their interviews. Get a 360-degree view.

3. Pre-qualified attendees.
You should know who you’re dealing with!
Each summit participant, expert or company fills out a questionnaire. Participants are divided into chat rooms – discuss what you are interested in.

What you can found useful?

Panel discussions
Hot and spicy topics and trends. Choose a theme and watch Brainstorm and exchange ideas with the greatest minds.

Startup Showcase!
#GLOBALINVESTORS2020 is a place where you may find quality projects.
Thanks to our platform and Startup Showcase format you will see short presentations of hundreds of startups and well-established companies that need investments. Angel investors and VCs will give their expert opinions. You can see how well established investors think and choose startups.

Product Showcase.
Investment market overview, #GLOBALINVESTORS2020 special.
You can choose the leading platforms, services, and funds that will serve you. Communicate directly with funders and C-level managers, getting the best and most exclusive conditions for summit participants only.

Why should investors attend?

  • 4 days of effective immersion in the investment world.
  • Get access to the pitch deck of startups that have potential market value, are focused on growth and solve real problems. Ask them questions.
  • See how leading investors choose startups and how they are evaluated.
  • Find out how to gather an investor’s portfolio and how real investor problems are solved through interviews with experts.

Why should startups attend?

  • Present your Startup to 25.000+ summit audience from all over the world online
  • Raise funds by meeting with potential investors interested in your type of product and solution.
  • Present your ideas and innovations to a 25,000+ audience of private investors, Angels, VCs, family offices and global technology enterprises.
  • Gain maximum brand awareness through regional and international media, technical bloggers and journalists.

Why should enterprises attend?

  • Show your brand in the right place and be known to investors around the world.
  • Introduce your services and products to more than 25,000 audiences. Get direct customers – suitable for B2B and B2C products.
  • Efficient online presentation format will allow you to get leads directly at the conference.
  • You can participate as a company speaker, present your products or become a sponsor.


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