Man is a social animal; a changed explanation by the well known rationalist Aristotle has remained ever applicable even till day. In spite of the fact that man can be distant from everyone else and be gainful, this doesn’t deny the way that man has a place with one gathering or the other.

Man isn’t a creation that separates itself from the network; he inhales the quality of collective opportunity with which he communicates and lives to satisfy life.

As much as man has constantly anticipated himself and demonstrated genuine the announcement of Aristotle, man’s entitlement to be a social animal is currently undermined. In spite of the fact that many impression the light far away, others are swimming in the profound openings of despair.

There are numerous inquiries. In spite of the fact that not exacting, however such inquiries venture the thoughts behind the accompanying inquiries: Can man come back to the manner in which he was? Is humankind totally modified? The opportunity of physical public affiliation, would it be able to in any case be restored?

These are numerous inquiries which everywhere throughout the world lay on the lips of mankind. Is mankind on a verge of worldwide cataclysmic breakdown, this inquiry likely more likely than not strike a chord of certain components of the worldwide human network.

Today, humankind is confronted with a worldwide risk. A risk that doesn’t separate by race, scholarly and political may, military quality and so on a danger which tries to undermine the lifestyle. The danger is the novel Coronavirus otherwise called COVID-19.

Since the infection was pronounced a pandemic by the W.H.O, countries of the world have gone on high alarm with the point of surveying, containing and forestalling the spread of the infection.

In Nigeria, being the most crowded dark country on earth, the infection has starting today ended the lives of more than 20 people among whom is the Nigerian Chief of Staff, with more than 600 affirmed cases however over 100 people have recouped.

So as to contain the spread of the infection, the Federal Government of Nigerian reported the shutdown of the Federal Capital Territory and Lagos and Ogun states.

This shutdown was likewise reacted to by different conditions of the alliance who regard it fit to forestall the spread of the infection. Residents were approached to remain at home and not go out for their day by day exercises.

Anyway the great estimates taken by the legislature to contain the infection, great strategies additionally have an undesirable impact in the negative. The order to remain at home anyway respectable has extraordinarily affected the Nigerian people group.

With no wellspring of money related assets to back their every day living, and failure to go out to work for their day by day bread, there is a worry among the masses which rotates around the possibility that the yearning in the nation will probably kill individuals even before the infection.

The country is in critical need of help. An acclaimed artist once stated, a ravenous man is an irate man. Will the appetite push Nigerians out to approach their business exercises in this way spurning presidential orders and most likely jeopardize their lives and that of others particularly their families? This is in fact a delima.

Seeing the incomprehensible need and need which has large amounts of the country, the legislature has just arranged a money related bundle to be conveyed to Nigerians. People are likewise assisting, taking care of the individuals who have not.

The legislature requested help to be given to the people; this however may not be sufficient to provide food for the populace for the term of the lockdown if similarly shared to everybody has additionally brought worries as residents have griped of not getting these alleviation bundles.

For the individuals who got, online life is loaded up with grievances of oppressed residents who vent their displeasure and dissatisfaction over the whole undertaking. It’s no uncertainty, there is a profound issue which if not dealt with, the Nigerian state and soul will be extraordinarily influenced.

With these difficulties proliferating across the country, a few chiefs in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry in Africa have willingly volunteered to meet up to stretch out some assistance to the a few individuals from the Nigerian people group by means of the Blockchain4COVID-19 undertaking.

The venture looks to facilitate the challenges of individuals from the Nigerian people group through gift which will be gotten through digital forms of money.

The objective of the venture is “to give help to in any event 500 poor families around the city of Lagos during the lockdown and disengagement period where individuals are required to remain at home with basically no elective wellspring of salary.”

It’s no uncertainty, the current monetary circumstance of the country is one that calls for earnest and radical measures to save and advance post COVID-19, yet, for the Today, steps must be taken to secure, save and advance our lifestyle as man, as humankind. This is the thought behind Blockchain4COVID-19

As Mahatma Gandhi broadly stated, “be the change you wish to find on the planet”. We should be that transform we push to help other people.


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