Another examination has uncovered that the on-chain action for stablecoins has expanded 800% over the most recent a year.

The stablecoin advertise top right now remains at $6.7B as of April 2020.

As per the Token Analyst study, over the most recent a year, $290 billion worth of stablecoins were proceeded onward chain, a development of 8.2 occasions in a year, from $6.2 billion in April 2019 to $50.9 billion in March 2020.

While Tether continues to be the most used stablecoin in 2020, the entire market is expanding rapidly, according to the study.

Here are highlights from the study:

  • $290B worth of stablecoins were moved on-chain in the last 12 months
  • 53% ($154B) of on-chain volume was due to interacting with centralized exchanges
  • 10% ($29B) of on-chain volume was due to performing DeFi transactions
  • USDT Tether token is the one most used by centralized exchanges, having 62% of on-chain volume
  • DAI is the one most used by DeFi protocols, having 88% of onchain volume

Here is a breakdown of the average daily on-chain volume of ETH stablecoins below:

$PAX started the year with ~4K daily transactions but has averaged well over ~10K transactions in the last 30 days!

In an email to BitcoinKE, Token Analysts shows the following stats for this week:

  • 10% increase in average daily inflow and outflow volumes for ETH, mostly due to a 20% increase in Ether prices this week
  • $26 million of BTC went into exchanges
  • $105 million of USDT went into exchanges
  • $11 million of ETH came out of exchanges
  • Average daily USDT volume increased by 23% crossing the $1 billion mark again
  • A significant reduction in ERC-20 on-chain volume was observed due to a relative reduced interest in tokens

Based on these stats the report makes the conclusion that on average, people were buying ETH by selling USDT this week.


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