27th April, 2020 – CryptoTVPlus, the No.1 Cryptocurrency and blockchain centered media house in Africa declares the dispatch of its online activity gateway – CryptoJobs.

Throughout the years, the crypto business which began from nothing has developed into a multi-billion dollar industry with faithfuls in different landmasses of the planet.

Today, an innovation which was once focused on and professed to encourage unlawful exercises is presently turning into a stage for the advancement of national monetary forms.

Digital currencies and blockchain innovation has to a degree demonstrated its capability to be down changing and it will keep on observing upward flood and this even reflected in the improvement of characterizing items and administrations planned for improving life and business more astute.

Innovation has obscured the lines between land limits in this way making a worldwide network where anybody can be Abe do anything. The ascent of remote work is a demonstration of this.

The entry extends to a huge number of employment opportunities from over a few controls to the huge crypto and non crypto crowd spread over the nations of Africa.

The world is currently going through a significant change. There may be no return to the normal we knew, we will be seeing alot of transition from onsite jobs to remote jobs. While those who may be affected negatively by economic challenges may be seeking new opportunities. This is very much the reason for CryptoJobs.” VP, CryptoJobs, Marvelous Akpere. “Members of the crypto and non crypto community will be able to access and apply for several jobs on the platform to better their lots. 

CEO, CryptoTVPlus Tony Emeka speaking on the launch said, “We believe in serving the interest or our community. As the world tilts towards remote works, it’s imperative to offer the African community the platform to reach out and be the best of themselves.”

With more exciting features and products coming up, users can begin to access the portal and access the several jobs available.


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