Chainlink wallets

Chainlink wallets of about 100% is now in profit and recent study reveals that the entire supply of the LINK token is in profits.

The world’s fastest-growing crypto asset, Chainlink (LINK), is in the news again following a positive rally. Investors now have good reasons to smile to the bank because 100% of Chainlink wallets are in profit.

Data obtained from an intelligence company, IntoTheBlock, revealed the entire supply of the LINK token is in profit.

How the surge in Chainlink wallets happened

 Recall that Nairametrics exclusively broke the news after LINK gained about 451% in 6 months, moving from $2.12 on March 15, to $9.57. This had made it the ninth most valuable crypto asset by market capitalization value of $3.35 billion.

Quick fact

Chainlink is a blockchain that is designed to bridge the space between blockchain technology-based smart contracts (created by ETH), and other user programs. Since blockchains by principle can’t have access to data outside their paths or networks, a defi instrument is needed to facilitate data feeds in smart contracts, and Chainlink helps to solve such needs.Recall that about a year ago, Chainlink announced that Google was integrating Chainlink into their approach to smart contract adoption on how users could use Chainlink to connect to BigQuery, one of Google’s most popular cloud services.

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