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Crypto business has great potentials to serve as a catalyst for Nigeria’s economic growth and Nigerians should seize the limitless opportunities that comes with crypto-currency usage and exist in the crypto space. Mr Ngige Chukwuebuka Emmanuel, CEO & Founder of KDBizhub, an e-commerce and crypto firm, advise Nigerians.

He stated that the sector has the capacity to empower and offer a new lease of life to thousands of unemployed Nigerians, particularly the youths and those who lost their jobs due to the closure of many companies and outright sack of workers, precipitated by the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic which has continued to impact negatively on global economies. In an interview with Daily Sun in Lagos recently, Ngige described crypto-currency as the fastest legitimate cashless means of funds transfer worldwide through the Blockchain infrastructure, without interference from regulatory authorities. According to him, “ given the many successes recorded by our firm since we started operations in the past few years, our primary focus is to digitalize the nation’s economy and popularize the use of crypto-currency in financial transactions within the country and beyond.

Certainly, we are set to carry out Crypto-currency enlightenment and training programs across Nigeria, and thus making internet businesses so easy and reliable for swift trades using lots of the technological infrastructure and techniques within our reach”.

He named banking technique, Block-chain Technique, google technique, human technique, web technique and others, as some of the core proficiency and key specialties of the company.

On the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on online businesses, he said that it was saddening that most countries across the world, were passing through turbulent times in the global history, saying” unfortunately, the health crises has eaten deeply into the economy of not just our country Nigeria , but of the whole world. A lot of assets have been crashing. The Oil sector, the stocks and many more. However, I would say that apart from that, there has been upsurge in the number of online businesses, particularly in financial transactions involving crypto currencies.”

However, it is worrisome that due to lack of knowledge on what digital currency is all about, some people still believe that everything about crypto-currency is scam. But, the truth is that in the world-over, the use of Crypto-currency, also known as digital currency, is witnessing exponential growth and increasing usage across the world”. He described digital currency business, “ as very lawful and the fastest way of making payments worldwide using Blockchain infrastructure, as well as a safe way of keeping money, even without the control or interference from any regulatory body within the country and beyond”. Ngige explained that there were several crypto-currencies available in the world today, just as he referred to Bitcoin as the mother of all digital currencies in the financial market. He further called on Nigerians to develop interest in the sector, saying, “ crypto – currency

transactions and investments are gradually gaining popularity in Nigeria, therefore someone can actually invest, trade and transfer funds either locally or internationally using crypto-currency, thereby earning money legitimately from the comfort of your home”.

On the journey so far, he described the sector as having great potential to create wealth amongst the young people and thus, boost the nation’s economic growth. In his words, “ I will say that our venture into the crypto-currency business in the past few years, has been very interesting. Though we are making progress, some of the teething challenges facing the industry include lack of support from the government, inadequate public enlightenment about the market, as well as lack of capacity and implicit skills by the people on how the sector works”. He maintained that if the government would throw its weight behind the digital currency business, by licensing the operators, many crypto-currency companies would pay taxes, create jobs and fully support the growth of the nation’s economy.

“ With this , the whole Cashless policy being promoted by the Federal Government through the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, will be well standardized and more functional, thereby stepping up the nation’s economy, and obviously creating lots of financial freedom for many citizens”, he added.

While calling on Nigerian youths and those who recently lost their jobs due to the closure of many companies owing to the rampaging COVID-19 pandemic, to seek out for opportunities in the crypto-currency business, the crypto-currency consultant said, “ in order to assist the increasing number of unemployed Nigerians, particularly the young people and those looking for a new career in crypto-currency business, our company is presently offering special training programs aimed at empowering interestedly Nigerians with professional skills on how to trade and invest in crypto-currencies. ”.

Speaking further, Ngige posited that apart from crypto-currency business, his company also offers lots of SMEs programs aimed at empowering Nigerians to legitimately gain financial freedom from the comfort of their homes.

According to him, “crypto-currency is actually a digital way of making payments worldwide without the control of any sector using the Blockchain infrastructure. It’s a very safe way to keep your money as well. All you need is to have the right skills on crypto-currency, the necessary tools to access the social media. ”. He noted that though several crypto-currencies exist in the world, but ‘BITCOIN’ remains the mother of all crypto-currencies. He described the rates of crypto-currency to a dollar as very volatile, saying while crypto-currencies cannot be physically touched like dollar notes, naira notes and others currency notes, both forms of currencies could be exchanged for the others.

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