Jack Dorsey endorses end SARS protest

As Nigeria’s EndSARS protests gain momentum, international recognition is building. Famous people like Viola Davis and Trey Songz have lent their voices in support. The latest international figure to join the support train is Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and payments app, Square. Dorsey recently tweeted about the protests, using #EndSARS hashtag. 

This recognition could be partly attributed to the use of Bitcoin donations in support of the protests. Dorsey subsequently tweeted the donation links for Feminist Coalition, a Nigerian group raising funds for the protest. He encouraged everyone to donate in Bitcoin. With a reach of 4.9 million followers, the tweets have since gotten more than 100,000 retweets and likes confirmed. 

Shortly after Dorsey’s announcement the Feminist Coalition twitter page became verified. This created more credibility for the organisation’s fundraising efforts. In addition to raising funds, the Feminist Coalition has set up a rapid response network for security, medical support, and legal support.

The EndSARS which has become a potent symbol of the protests has also received a twitter symbol. The symbol comprises a clenched fist in the colours of the Nigerian flag (green and white).

As the protests near the 10th day, several other people and organisations have also raised funds. One prominent example is a protest fund by activist and Twitter user @Savvy_Rinu.

Crypto is championing the EndSARS protest fundraising efforts as people face censsorship from the government. There have been several reports of banks blocking protest-related transactions and bank accounts.

You can still donate to the EndSARS protests using Bitcoin. If you’re new to Bitcoin, you can start with our simple guide on how to donate Bitcoin in Nigeria.

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