Central Bank of Nigeria

Central Bank of Nigeria website has been allegedly hacked by an international group of hackers called Anonymous. In a tweet, the group affirmed hacking into several accounts, CBN inclusive, as their own way of protesting against police brutality and showing support to the #EndSARS movement which has been ongoing for a while. However, the CBN has dismissed rumours of its website being hacked by hacker group, Anonymous.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has debunked rumours that its website was hacked. This was disclosed via its official Twitter handle in the early hours of today.

The apex bank assured the Nigerian public that there was no cause for alarm and it would do everything within its statutory power to protect its proprietary data from being breached.

The press release concluded by advising the Nigerian public to ignore such false claims, designed at undermining the credibility of the CBN.


Nigerians were shocked yesterday when the website of the CBN was temporarily off the grid, leaving many to suspect that it may have been hacked. Recall that Anonymous, an international hackers group, had earlier claimed via its Twitter handle, that it breached some Nigerian government websites.

The act is said to be in support of the ongoing #EndSARS protests that have taken over many cities in Nigeria, following calls for the disbandment of the notorious police unit – FSARS.

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