Dash? Of course, we don’t mean the punctuation mark (-) but the cryptocurrency labelled the “digital cash”.

In recent times, Dash has become popular amongst crypto users, thanks to its speed-of-light transaction speed and its faceless feature.

This article will show you how and where to purchase digital cash.

What is Dash?

DASH was created from a Bitcoin fork in 2014. It is a form of digital cash that allows users to make private payments through its very secure open-source platform.

While it was coined from the Bitcoin protocol, it is a better option when it comes to instant and completely private transactions. Its InstantSend feature allows for the confirmation of payments in split seconds, before you can say “Jack Robinson”. Also unlike Bitcoin, its “PrivateSend” feature makes users completely anonymous and transactions difficult to track.

Best Platform To Buy Dash In Nigeria

Buying the digital cash in Nigeria may seem like a Herculean task for a newbie in the cryptocurrency space. Afterall, deciding to trade is one thing and finding a suitable, secure and reliable platform to fulfill this dream is another.

There are quite a number of platforms that offer DASH purchase but Quidax is highly recommended.

Quidax is a crypto exchange that allows for the buying and selling of crypto with naira.

It is popular for its simple and user friendly interface, good track record and relatively low fees. Dash can be purchased on the Quidax platform via debit card payments, bank deposits, and USSD.

How To Buy With A Debit Card In Nigeria

To buy your dash cryptocurrency, you’ll need a wallet. Since Quidax is recommended, look no further because they also provide wallet services. Crypto purchase comes with the verification of identity for security purposes. It’s the same when you want to buy in Nigeria. To buy with a debit card in Nigeria: 

  • Sign up for free on Quidax
  • Sign into your Quidax Account
  • Click on Instant Buy/Sell
  • Select “Card Payment” option
  • Enter the details requested in the form

On successful completion of the transaction, your Quidax wallet will be instantly credited.

How Can I Trade In Nigeria?

Trading could be easier than you think as long as you use the right platform. All you have to do is make the right choice! Quidax offers a very simple platform for trading which is suitable even for beginners in trading. 

Once your account is set up, select which crypto to hold and trade begins. Place your trade and receive your coins. 

Crypto users who own Bitcoin or Ether can simply trade it for Dash. 

How Much Is 1 Dash In Nigeria?

Dash has a market capitalization of $664.02M and is valued at 25,930.37 NGN to 1 Dash according to Walletinvestor.com.

Best Dash Wallet In Nigeria

There are an array of wallets used in storing Dash which ranges from hardware wallets to desktop wallets and lastly mobile wallets.

Quidax has a wallet service from storing and trading the cryptocurrency. For a beginner, looking to trade or store their DASH, Quidax is a go-to. 

This cryptocurrency has remained strong over the years, ranking amongst the top cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization. Its anonymity feature and fast transaction confirmation makes it one of the choicest.

For a beginner in Nigeria looking to buy DASH, this article should serve as a guide to a successful trade ahead.