TRON (TRX) has been making waves in the crypto market during the past year and has become one of the leading cryptocurrencies by market value, trading volume and popularity. 

For a Nigerian crypto trader, this article aims to satisfy all your curiosities. 

What is Tron?

Tron was created in late 2017 by Justin Sun to seize control from big firms like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Snapchat, and other big companies in the internet space. The aim was to hand over power to users. TRX has been designed to decentralize the entertainment industry by giving users access to a worldwide free content entertainment system using blockchain technology.

TRON wants users to create and access everyday media without the presence of a third party. This is really important because big companies do not only control what people can see, but they also take most of the profits!

Tron has its own cryptocurrency also named TRX in short form. TRX is used in transactions and also a means of payment for user’s work on the network. As the demand for TRX as a decentralized media platform increases, so also its value.

Best Platform to Buy TRON in Nigeria

TRON is best for budding Nigerian crypto traders as it equals buying a less-valued cryptocurrency with great potential. With this knowledge comes the quest for the best platform to buy Tron in Nigeria.

A few crypto exchanges in Nigeria let you buy TRX but Quidax, a crypto exchange based in Nigeria, comes highly recommended with its superb, simple and secure user interface and relatively cheap fees. 

How to Buy (TRX) with a Debit Card in Nigeria

Crypto purchase comes with the verification of identity for security purposes. It’s the same with TRX purchases. To buy Tron with a debit card in Nigeria: 

  • Sign up for free on Quidax
  • Sign into your Quidax Account
  • Click on Instant Buy/Sell
  • Select “Card Payment” option
  • Enter the details requested in the form

On successful completion of the transaction, your Quidax wallet will be instantly credited.

How Can I Trade TRON in Nigeria?

The first step to trading TRX is choosing which exchange is best for trading. As mentioned earlier in the article, Quidax is a suitable option. 

Just set up your account and select which crypto you want to hold and trade. Place your trade and receive your coins. 

How Much Is 1 TRX In Nigeria?

According to, 1 TRX= 10.08262 NGN.

Best TRX Wallet In Nigeria

There are quite a lot of crypto exchanges that provide wallet services for TRX and other cryptocurrencies. There are also TRX wallet applications and websites. Since Quidax helps you to trade Tron, it also offers you a secure TRX wallet. Some might even say it’s the best Tron wallet in Nigeria.

Conclusively, I hope this Nigerian guide to buying TRX helps you kickstart your “TRON-BUYING” journey.

More importantly, it’s best to trade your TRX on a reliable and secure crypto exchange. Quidax checks all these qualities and so it’s highly recommended. With this simple guide, I hope buying TRON would be easy too.