Akon Crypto City

Akon crypto city is set to launch in East Africa, Uganda to be precise by Senegalese-American rapper and businessman, Akon. The Ugandan government has endorsed the allocation of land for the project. Akon City will most likely cover about half the area of ​​the City of London according to the report. During the press conference, neither Akon nor the Ugandan government gave out any information about the budgeted cost of the city.

Akon Crypto City
Akon Crypto City

However, Akon stated that the Crypto City will help attract more investment while also creating jobs for Ugandans. As for the timeline, it will take about 15 years to complete this city. This means that the Akon Crypto City will be ready by 2036.

In addition to Uganda, Akon also spent $6 billion to build a larger encrypted city in Senegal. The project covers an area of ​​2,000 acres or about 3.12 square miles. These two future cities will use Akoin (AKN). The Akoin is a cryptocurrency based on the Stellar blockchain.


Akon said at the press conference: “There are so many things in Uganda that I never knew. I want people to understand how beautiful Uganda is, and the best way is to build my city here”.

Akon plans two smart cities in Senegal and Uganda

In addition to the encryption cities in two African countries, the Akoin project has previously cooperated with Mwale, a large-scale medical technology city in Kenya, which cost $2 billion. Akoin will be fully deployed here and will be used for employee salaries and daily payment transactions.

In fact, the Akoin team has already launched the AKN debit card. This allows cardholders to spend Akoin on 40 million online merchants around the world. All these are very futuristic and if all goes well, will be great.

On November 11th, Akoin (AKN) was officially launched. Its first listing is with Bittrex Global and presently, users can sign up to purchase their first AKN tokens. Of course, Akoin is a creation of famous singer and philanthropist, Akon. This cryptocurrency is currently trading on a global crypto exchange.‌

This cryptocurrency is a cornerstone of Akon’s smart cities. If you hope to have anything to do with Akon’s smart cities, then you must have to use Akoin (AKN). As for its investment safety, it is not very high for now. However, we should give the cryptocurrency some space, it is only a few months old.

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